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The Agency is our London Literary Agent for children's book, television, film, and merchandising.

Represented by Hilary Delamere (+44) (0) 20 - 7727 - 1346


Contemporary British children's illustrations

Bristol-based art dealer and heat-seeking missile Linda Owen-Lloyd is Ted's fiction artwork dealer (usually B+W)

Illustration Cupboard
Contemporary British children's illustrations

Ted Dewan's colour picture book art dealer based in London, run by the spellbinding John Huddy.

Bing Bunny

Bing is a toddler book character designed NOT to depress mum and dad. He is very much a real-life in-your-face toddler, learning about life by trial and error, thrilled with his achievements and crushed by his failures.

Buddy The Value Dog

The world's first product-free money-free brand. Buddy stands for one thing and one thing only: GOOD VALUE. Buddy has been commissioned for corporate presentations and newspaper reviews of graphic novels and comix.



Barnaby Evans' fire ritual and intallation has become the regular event that defines Providence, Rhode Island. In time, it will be seen as a seminal piece about public ritual and urban life that profoundly changed the direction of public art across the globe. It was the inspiration for LUMINOX, a piece I did in collaborattion with Compagnie Carabosse in Oxford 2007 in the hope that a regular urban ritual might emerge in its wake. Barnaby was a remarkably generous mentor and supporter.

Pitt-Rivers Museum

Oxford University's "Temple of Wonder" and my local museum. It is, to my mind, the most inspiring museum in the world, a truly Holy place. I was taken to Harvard University's Peabody Museum as a young child, and loved this sort of place ever since. The PRM has a similar atmosphere, and is home to the world's most remarkable collection of anthropological artifacts from cultural practices around the world. It is also said to have inspired The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.

Museum of Jurassic Technology

What began as a mysterious temporary art installation in Culver City, Los Angeles, has bloomed into an inspiring small museum dedicated to wonder itself. It is unclear whether some of the exhibits are factual or fictitious, and after awhile, it doesn't matter. I was inexplicably moved to tears when last I visited this place. Since then, I discovered that this reaction is not uncommon, a fact documented on the MJT DVD where a Jamaican man was also moved to tears, commenting to the MJT staff when he recovered his composure, 'this isn't a's a church.' Amen.

The Road-Witch Trial is a series of experiments focused on creative ways to use roads as enjoyable public living spaces rather than just government enforced traffic conduits. The Oxford street 'happenings' featured on this site demonstrate how easy it is to repurpose road space, calm traffic, build community spirit, have fun, and get press, all at the same time.


Kellie Strom

Illustrator and cartoonist's own site with terrific links to animation and well selected art and music sites. Kellie is soon to release his first picture book for children, Sadie the Pilot, with David Fickling Books.

Korky Paul

Prolific illustrator and "Public Energy Number 1", Korky Paul has one of the most comprehensive illustrator's websites in Britain. He also lives a couple of blocks away from Helen and I in Oxford, which is why we hardly see him these days.

Scott McCloud

Comics artist/writer, futurist, champion of sequential art, creator of Zot, Understanding Comics, and Reinventing Comics. His website is an extension of his crusade, and serves as a laboratory for exploring new techniques in online comics. Scott and I grew up together "wasting" many sunny summer days inside drawing.

Philip Pullman

Philip is author of the His Dark Materials, The Scarecrow and His Servant, Clockwork, The Firework Maker's Daughter, and a host of other remarkable modern fairy tales. He is also a campaigner against tyranny and stupidity in all manners educational and political. And he gave me his shed to keep so long as I do creative work in it and promise to pass it on to another person to create stuff in it when I'm done with it; a most interesting stewardship.

Lucinda Rogers

Britain's finest locations artist/illustrator, a tireless eye who probes deep into the corners of London and New York. Originally best known by her drawings for 'The Weasel' column in The Independent her finest work is done in the streets.

Rock School

Comics, animation, and "lessons" centering around an ill-fated band perpetually on the rock-y road to rock-cess. Created by Crispin Wood, formerly guitarist of Boston band, The Bags, and second most longest-lasting pal from Lexington, Mass.

Mark Haddon

Bewilderingly talented polymath, rapidly and justifiably lionized author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

Aidan Potts

Aidan Potts, aka Professor Potts, is the creator of the comic strip Look What You've Said which appears regularly in the Times Educational Supplement. He created the animated wormworks webworms and is soon to release his first book for children, You Neversaurus.

David Yazbek

Remarkable NYC-based songwriter and fearsome keyboardist with three outstanding albums to his name (Laughing Man, Tock, and Damascus). He has also written the music and lyrics for the hit American musical versions of The Full Monty and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Sean Altman

Former frontman of Rockapella, the house band for the TV show, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Now a New York-based singer/MC at large, and a swell pop songwriter, in the style of Brit powerpop at its very best. Some-time collaborator with Yazbek. A real star.

Raymond Scott

The official website of the late composer. It features concert and historical info and CD releases. Perhaps one of the most inventive composers to come out of the USA, but usually known only by a few novelty jazz numbers that were appropriated for Warner Brother's Cartoon soundtracks.

Joel Martin Kohn

Joel Kohn is one of the most original and exciting songwriters in the world. You probably wont have heard of him, as it may take the rest of the world a few more decades to catch up with him. He sells tapes of his educational songs through his website such as "Computer Kids Sing" and "Trader Kids Sing". Encourage Joel to release his unpublished songs, especially those done at McColl Studio.

Don Cadoret

Don trained to be a jock (Springfield College) and ended up an artist. One day, he packed in his job as a local newspaper photographer to devote all his time (he never seems to sleep) to his passion for folk painting. His artwork is both cosy and deeply creepy. We collect more of Don's work than any other artist, largely because he keeps giving me paintings! Or at least he used to until he found out I was hanging them in the loo. They're now in the front hall and the kitchen, but it's too late...