When it comes to streets, might makes right, and when your driving a car, you have a ton of lethal might while simultaneously being protected from the outside world.

So it seemed natural to fight might with might. In this case, the 'might' was an 11 foot Bing Bunny.

The MEGABING was created for a street party, with the intention that it would act as a 'scarecrow' to motorists. The street was legally closed, but you'd be surprised how many motorists are determined to go down a street even when it's obvious that it's being put to some more worthwhile use.

I made him in my front garden (what's left of it) while the neighbourhood kids looked on.It takes at least two people to set it up.

The MEGABING stands freely on its own folding stand, towering above cars. Should any motorist deliberately smash into it, the MEGABING would do considerable damage to the car, as his head would probably fall off on impact. I used the thickest MDF I could buy (20mm).

However, he is quite safe when not smashed into, and as there were plenty of little kids around, I ensured the Megabunny did not pose a health and safety hazard.

The MEGABING has also stood proudly in such august venues as the British Museum in London and the grounds of the Oxford Union in Oxford during 'Bing Things'.

I plan on bringing him out into the streets more frequently in 2006. The idea is to pay for a parking spot in Oxford city centre, stick the 'pay-and-display' sticker on him, pull up an armchair, and invite parents to read Bing Bunny books to their kids.

I hope this will infuriate motorists who need a parking spot, but as I'll have paid to use it, there will be no redress.

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photos © Jamie Pullman