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First ever Bing book published May, 2003. Listed in REVERSE chronological order. Note dates are day/month/year

Dear Ted, we just had to write to let you know that we LOVE your books about BING BUNNY. (louis who is 2yrs10mths a little boy I look after and my nephew who is 3) wanted me to write and ask if there are any more Bing books for us to read. We LOVE them all and sometimes have to take them to bed at night time so we can read them as soon as we get up! we understand the problems of getting dressed on our own and having to be careful when we do art and craft and just wanted to send Bing a big hug. we have four of his book so far, are there any more planned soon? Please could you let us know and alsoif we could have a signed picture of Bing (you could sign it to!) thank you.

Lots of LOVE from louis Peretie and his nanny Louise Allen and Ceri. (9-12-03)


Ted, Linda Newbery bought my granddaughter a BING book, which you kindly signed for her...what a delight!! She only liked the story and the pictures, silly thing, little realizing what a GOLDMINE that signature is!!

But seriously, we are all big Bing fans here, like everyone else. On his blog, my husband says YUP a lot so it's kind of familiar. And we have the badge of course which we wear with pride.

Adele (12-11-03)


Dear Ted, My Mummy gave me two 'Bing' books. They are 'Bing get dresssed' and 'Bing paint day'. She found them in 'Borders' and just had to have them. I LOVE them, and think it's funny when Bing gets dressed and wets his pants. We looked up your web address and found out you live in Oxford too. We also found out there are other Bing books and Mummy is going to buy them for me.

They are fantastic. Mummy says what a talented family you all are and that Pandora has good taste in books. I've recommended that Mummy buy some of her reading list. My Mummy designs books, but ones for schools to teach children to read. Mummy has admired 'Pumpkin Soup' for years, and I'm going to read it when i get a bit bigger. Thank you for making the Bing books.

From Gabriella (9-11-03)


Ted, Just had to email you, my 20 month old twin boys are Bing addicts already! I initially looked at the books not believing something so well designed could be for children! It makes reading a story for the fourteenth time on the trot bearable if the reader has something this good to look at!

So please, do more! we have all four books already and the house resounds to the cries of OH NO! and BEEEEENG! (as well as POK and PTOO).Keep up the good work!

Emma (and Jay and Zachary) (3-11-03)


Dear Ted....a quick note, having read that you'd like to hear from your readers. I've just come across your Bing Bunny books: WHSmiths offer second book half price.

I LOVE them.

I have a ten year old daughter and a four month old son... but as you say, I actually bought these books for myself.

from now on, my philosophy is.. don't worry, It's a 'Bing Thing'. I'm on maternity leave at the moment, from the role of Creative Director for the Licensing arm of a TV company. (no more of those nasty commutes into London for me for a while!)

PLEASE don't sell out when it comes to licensing Bing: you know, the T-Shirt, the toy etc. If it's done well it can add loads to your character, don't get dragged in by the prospect of get rich quick: you want a slow build and only agree licenses that are right for the character and make sure everything has that 'Bing Thing'.

Best of luck with the series; I only have two books at the moment: 'get dressed' and 'paint day' but I shall look out for the others: you say there are ten in your write up, but I can only see four titles, have the others not been published yet, or have they all sold out?!

Fran. (20-10-03)


Dear Ted, We LOVE Bing, and our 3 year old daughter thinks he is great too. The stories told are exactly the sorts of things she does- Paint Day is a particular favourite. Bing's eyes often have that same slightly manic look that toddlers get. Any more stories coming?

Susan and Blair (11-9-03)


Dear Ted, My boyfriend, who works in a bookshop, LOVEs your Bing books and has elevated them to cult status among a certain circle of adults who are also "on their way" every Friday and Saturday night. Have you produced toys of the two of them?

The infantisation of our culture has now reached the stage where Paul's generation (he's 23) aren't rebelling, or being cute or ironic, they just haven't changed since they were kids. They still like toys and games and see nothing strange about that. Bing is just a cute character with huge pupils who does daft things. Bit like us really, no matter how old we are. But I'll be sure to spread the word to anyone crazy enough to spawn, don't you worry. I'm sure it'll be much less stressful with Bing around.

Keep up the good work! The books really are very funny. Cheers!

Sarah Freelance Journalist (7-9-03)


Hi -- My daughter LOVEs...so LOVEs, Bing Bunny. She is three and has given me a whole list of books she wants about Bing Bunny. We have two books, Bing Gets Dressed and Bing Paint Day.

Are there more Bing books in print? If so, how do I purchase them? She tells me every night when going to bed to be sure to get more Bing Bunny books!

Thank you for such a perfect toddler character! Bing is helping my three year old to gain amazing pre-reading skills.



Hi Ted, My names Kristy, and I work in a bookstore in Melbourne, Australia, and when I opened a box, and found Bing Bunny, I fell in LOVE! (proceeding to jam it under my managers nose and force him to LOVE it too!) LOVE the groovy illustrations and great stories, think its fantastic that adults will appreciate them as much as the littlies.(I dont know if its intentional or not, but in my head, they read as one of those great old fashioned cartoons where its all done with a voiceover. :) We so far only have Paint Day and Get Dressed easily available to us, but are anxiously awaiting more in the Bing series.

Just wanted to congratulate you on these awesome books, and tell you that I'll be doing my best to make sure they become a favorite with our customers too. Copies are definitely available here, and I find them in every other bookstore I go in so I can show them to other people. My boss and I are now in the habit of telling each other that its 'No big thing Bing' when we screw something up.

Bing is definitely trickier than Maisy and I think thats one of the things I like about it, just because toddlers are little doesnt mean that they should have things dumbed down to them and their parents need to have fun reading it as well. There are so many books out there where they think its most important to make it simple so that at some point the kids can read them themselves, but don't all the good parents read to their littlies anyway? :)

Thanks, Kristy (13-8-03)


Hi, I recently saw (and bought) Bing - Paint Day and Get Dressed. As soon as I saw them I knew they were going to go down a storm with my own son and my friend's two year old boy. According to my friend in the three weeks since his birthday his bedtime story has been " Bing wot Aunty Jo bought" every night and it has been as much a hit with my friend as with her son.

My own son was one a fortnight ago. He is deaf and has cerebral palsy ( he was 10 weeks premature and has had a lot of other problems) however the joy on his face when I read Bing to him is wonderful to see. As the language is simple it is easy to read and sign the story to him and the illustrations are bold and engaging even for a one year old with a limited concentation span. I particularly LOVE the interaction between Bing and Flop and Bing's wonderfully big eyes.My son Isaac has always LOVEd books (from cloth books to board books) and Bing is a perfect introduction to paper pages which he tries desperately to turn himself. (A great way to improve his fine motor skills and hand -eye co-ordination.)

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the other titles in the series and I'm sure they'll be a firm favourite in our house for many years to come. I hope the tv series is a success - our children need more characters like Bing and Flop and so do their parents!

Johanna (21-7-03)


Dear Mr Dewan, i am an amazing fan of the bing books, they are just so cool and wonderful.

I am a great fan of your work with Bing.

I am comeing to the end of my first gcse year (so 15 basically) and bing is a treasure, i proudly own Get Dressed and Paint Day and i LOVE them. i am writing this because i thought you may be interested to know that you have touched my heart, or Bing has, i can't wait for the tv series, please could you tell me when Bing will first be appearing. also i havn't seen the two other books on your website, should i look round or are they not out there yet?

Bing Bunny Rocks

Bethan (21-7-03)


Ted, OK, this is getting out of hand now. Yesterday at dinner, Alana reciting all of Bing from memory, without even having the book in front of her. The only she couldn't remember was that the grass was "cool grass." Clearly, Bing is an alien life form bent on taking over the minds of young children everywhere, and he is just using your fertile imagination to contact a new planetful of victims. When the Bing and Flop spaceships arrive, I will hold you personally responsible.

Daniel Swartz, Executive Director
Children's Environmental Health Network
Washington, DC 20002 (18-7-03)


Hey Bingsters, Vinnie is now a leading member of the Oxford Chapter ( Member Number 003?) and LOVES the paint day book. He is Bing personified. Great book

Matt (7-5-03)


Hi Ted, Just wanted you to know that Tiger is OBSESSED with Bing Bunny!

She LOVEs books and spends many hours a day arranging her bookshelf, but since Ness sent us a copy of GET DRESSED nothing else gets a look in! At mealtimes she shouts BING, in the bath she shouts BING and at bedtime all she wants is BING!

Congratulations - they're fab books, great style.

Tracey (29-4-03)