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David [Fickling], Hilary [Delamere, agent] came round to see us the other week and brought us a copy of Bing at Bedtime – and I have to say Conrad LOVEs it – especially saying Nope and Flop! so an excellent piece of publishing – well done you and Ted ( and if you have another one you could bring to Kirsty’s wedding that would be great!)

Richard Scrivener, Publisher
Scholastic Children's Books


Hi Ted. I just wanted to thank you for creating Bing Bunny. My little boy was given the first four books for Christmas and now reads ALL of them every day. He's just turned 2 but he already LOVEs to join in with the repetition in the books from the "Round the Corner not far away" line in all of them to the "Don't spill the water Bing" in Paint Day, the "goo" in Something for Daddy", the "Hey can you put your .... on" in Gets Dressed and the "Nope" and "It's Flop" in Bedtime.

Can you tell me where I'll be able to get the new books and when they'll be coming out - I'm sure that Stuart would LOVE to test drive them and hopefully his little brother Andrew (now 6m) won't be far behind him.THANKS AGAIN

Caroline (13-1-04)


Hello Bing's Daddy. My name is Kate & I'm nearly 23 months old. I LOVE your books & Flop is my favourite. Mummy & Daddy read me the books several times each day as they know how much I enjoy them. My favourite word is "Pok" & I say it all the time. LOVE Kate (30-1-04)


Ted, I must tell you that Phoebe's favourite book in the whole world is: BING...the one where he makes a feathery picture for his dad. She just LOVEs it, and in fact, can go and pick it out from the pile of books when Soph or Dan say: Go and get Bing and we'll read it to you...she crawls/shuffles over at breakneck speed and picks it out of all the other books. A result, as they say!

LOVE Adele (15-1-04)


Hi Ted, my children (aged nearly 4 and 14 months) absolutely LOVE Bing, since they were bought the 4 books at xmas. Could you tell me whther any merchandise is available? t-shirts etc. You now have 3 loyal Bing fans (if you include me) - thanks - looking forward to more Bing stories

Martin (6-1-04)


Ted, Thank you for the Bing Bunny books. We bought them through a book club at christmas for our 20 month-old daughter and she absolutely LOVES them. Since christmas they have been the only books she has wanted me to read, and neither of us has gotten tired of them yet.

What I want to know is, how many books are there in total, and could you give me a list of them all (with catalogue no's if possible) so I can get them all for her. Also, are the any plans for a Bing Bunny teddy as I believe that if there are as many toddlers that are as enthralled with him as my daughter is, then they would LOVE their very own Bing Bunny to hug day & night.

Andrew (2-1-04)




hello there bings daddy we (olivia aged 21months and mummy slightly older than 21years!!) wanted to say hello we only have one bing book at present the bedtime bing which is religiously read every night i can honestly say it is our favourite story thankyou we look forward to obtaining the other bing adventures soon

Olivia and her mummy (22-2-04)


Dear Mr Dewan, I'm sure you are inundated with emails just like this one, but I still feel compelled to write to you about how taken we are with your Bing Bunny books. My daughter is 2 and like all other toddlers has piles of storybooks but none have come close to capturing her attention/imagination in the way that Bing has. Bedtime now usually involves reading at least once through all four books and "Don't spill the water, Bing!" has become her night-time mantra. It's wonderful to see her reaction to Bing's world, where things go wrong just like they do in her world but it's always "no big thing" - a valuable lesson for all us parents! So, thank you for Bing Bunny and we look forward to the next installment.

Jenni (20-2-04)


Dear Bing Bunnys dad, Please tell me if there are any more bing bunny stories coming out because my daughter ellie is totally enthralled by them, she doesn't go to sleep until I read them at least 5 times for her. Please tell me if there are any Bing and Flop toys or videos. We find the stories an excellant read and our daughter knows exactly what is coming next every time I read them.

I can trully say out of all the books we have bought for her she enjoys these the most. I hope you will be able to e'mail me back and tell me about any future publications and please send ellies LOVE to bing and especially flop.

Andrew (17-2-04)


Hi, We've got a copy of "Paint Day", and our two-year-old son absolutely LOVEs it. He joins in far more than he does with other books, saying "Paint Day", "Hello Bing" and "Yukky Brown" with glee. Having failed to find any bing books in the shops near us, we went to your website, and were pleased to discover that there are more books in the series, but slightly dismayed to find that we couldn't order them through the website. Have you ever considered selling the books through your website? Amazon (and I expect the same applies to other online book sellers too) offer their "Amazon Associates" program where you get commission for every person who buys a book after clicking the link on your page, if you don't want to deal with sales yourself.

Anyway, I've just ordered a copy of "Bing: Get Dressed", which I hope Hugh enjoys as much as Paint Day.

Anthony (8-2-04)


Dear Ted, We LOVE Bing!!!!!! My daughter (16 months) is just starting to develop a LOVE for him (and even more so the painting apron that came with the set of four books!) I've been trying to get her into them for a month or so after I bought them for Christmas as I LOVE them. Really like the fact that they are realistic, especially Bing's picture for Daddy. They really make me laugh and the drawings are just fantastic. Can't wait for the rest of the 10 books to appear.

Andrea (+ Bing fan, daughter Erin) (3-2-04)


Ted, Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you for creating Bing Bunny! My 21month old Archie has fallen inLOVE with him - and thus ended (hopefully!) his to date destruction of every single book we've ever given him! He LOVEs him / the books and Bing is a prerequisite for sleep now! We have paint day (a freebie courtesy of Junior Magazine); something for daddy; bedtime & get dressed and can't wait for the next - can you advise when they'll be released & what the titles will be? Also, are there any plans to 'make' a Bing Bunny for real - we'd LOVE to know if thats in the pipeline and where or where could we get hold of some artwork? Any plans? Please lets us know...

In avid anticipation (of the next install-ment & when my 8 month old gets into Bing),

Victoria (2-2-04)


Hello Someone from Deansgate just told me that they have a little girl who is completely addicted to Bing can't sleep unless it's read to her every night. So, he has some loyal fans! I have just put Bing: Something for Daddy on core stock.Thought you'd want to know.





Hello Bings' Daddy, Just wondered if there are any other Bing things I can buy for my little daughter? She has just turned 13 months and has me reading Bing over and over. She loves "Paint Day" the best, and can actually say "bing" as one of her first words. We take her Bing bunny books everywhere we go as a "just incase". It would be wonderful to have a Bing cuddly toy.

Are there any plans for something like this?...or more books??

Faith (16-3-04)


Dear Ted, I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how brilliant these little books are, and how much my daughter LOVEs them! She is only 15 months, but already, (thank goodness), seems to have developed a real LOVE of books. She has a book box full of favourites, which she brings to me at all hours of the day, night and wee small hours of the morning - ferocious teething means quite a few 3:00am sessions, of late! But no matter what time of day, her favourite, and the most dearly LOVEd of all, are the Bing Bunny series. She LOVEs the characters, the colours, the stories, and has been reading them avidly for quite a few months now… (I think we got them when she was around 9 months, and she showed great interest, even from the beginning…) I think that it’s safe to say that she really is your greatest fan, and we are both eagerly awaiting the release of Bing’s new adventures, (sometime in May, the local bookshop informs me…)

I say that she is your greatest fan – but I would have to add that she is closely followed by her Mum! I am truly astounded at the quality of these little books, and only wish that all pre-school literature was of this high standard. I watch her responses and reactions as I turn the pages, and I can clearly see that she is following the simple, yet compelling narrative structure within the storylines, gaining her excitement and drama from the playful dynamic of text, colour, image and punctuation. The loss of Flop in ‘Bing Bunny Bedtime’ is as gripping and tragic to her as the death of Anna Karenina is now to me, and I can only hope that it will be an easy progression from Bing Bunny to Tolstoy, or Dickens.

As a Mum, I am naturally concerned that she learns to LOVE books from an early age. I still read (and occasionally have a stab at writing), children’s books for pleasure, and am sometimes slightly alarmed by the current ‘trendiness’ of children’s’ literature, ( a pox on Harry Potter – there are much better things by far out there!!!) But it’s such a relief to know that there is a publisher around who isn’t just looking to jump onto a very lucrative ‘bandwagon’, but has a real eye for quality and substance. Sabah told me that you had recently been a little downhearted over the Bing series, due to a bad revue – I can only tell you that if you had been in my house an hour ago, when I read ‘Bedtime’ to my little girl, and saw her face when I read the ‘where’s Flop?’ pages, (“Oh No!” she says, and frantically searches for him), then the delight when he is found… Well, perhaps it would have cheered you up a bit, and given you fresh hope in Bing!

So please accept our highest praise for this inspired creation, and please, keep them coming!!!

Best Regards, Jo (15-3-04)


Hi Ted, We have your books Bing Get Dressed and Bing Bedtime.

I just wanted to say how the Bing wetting himself scene is preparing my husband and me for potty training! Our daughter is 20 months old and we will soon be facing potty training, and the charm and humour of your approach is really helping us get into the mindset required! Katherine LOVEs Bing and Flop, and always has to brush her teeth along with Bing at bedtime! Getting toddlers to brush their teeth is difficult enough at the best of times, and Bing really helps!

Katherine also points out that Flop is under the bed before Bing even has a chance to hunt for him :-D

Will we see Bing's progression through childhood, a la Harry Potter, or will he stay forever young, like Charlie Brown? Keep up the good work in any event! Regards

Hazel (10-3-04)


Hi Ted, Thanks for getting back to me, I wasn't honestly expecting a reply, or at least nothing more than a cursory "The books will be out on this date etc etc".

Unfortunately, we live in Cornwall so Oxford and Cheltenham are a bit too far away to take the kids to your Bing events - I don't suppose you could plan one in the Devon or Cornwall area just for a change - only joking! It's a real shame as I'm sure Stuart would have LOVEd to get his very own Bing picture (every time he gets told he has done something well he says "Good for you Bing Bunny" in his cute toddler mumble).

Hopefully I have done my bit to encourage sales of Bing books because I am a community leader on three Mother and Baby message boards at Ivillage.co.uk and have recommended the books to the ladies who use the boards. I have also submitted Stuart's profile to Prima Baby Magazine for their articles on little people, one of the categories is favourite book and Bing features there as well.

I don't know if you'd like to pass this e-mail on to the powers that be but I think that the Bing books are the ideal size for toddlers. Stuart can carry them easily (lots of toddler books are too big and clumsy to carry more than one at a time), turn the pages confidently without them getting dog-eared (some larger books' pages seem to crease and catch around the spines and smaller books can be difficult for little fingers to handle) and easiily deposit them in any wiling parent, grandparent or friends' lap whenever he wants to be read to (or wants to show off his own "reading" skills).

I'm definitely going to put a pre-release order in for the two new Bing books when I am in town next week. I may even arrange for them to be sent directly to Stuart so that he thinks it is even more special - I especially like the sound of the "Make Music" book as Stuart already plays with a toy piano, guitar and drum kit.

I would like it if you could include me on any e-mail list which you create, I'm still suffering from the after effects of sleepless nights so any reminders will be gratefully received.

Sorry that this e-mail has turned into an epic but thank you once again for encouraging my little boy's first real interest in literature.

Yours, Caroline (and Stuart)


dear ted, thank you very much for the new bing books even though one of them is really for zack. I think they rock. I have made my daddy and mummy read them to me 5 times each already. I think it is a bit funny when they say "yum yum yum" to the wipes and the pants and the mobile phone and plastic bag and the potty and the sun hat in the picnic book but my parents tell me I can discuss this with you in person when you come round here for lunch a week tomorrow.

LOVE, Alfie (6-3-04)


Dear Ted , My 3 year old son Charlie and I would just like to say we think Bing Bunny is fantastic! Charlie was given 4 Bing books for his 3rd birthday in December and we have read them almost every day since. I have just one problem with them and that is that Charlie’s favourite book is ‘Something for Daddy’ and since reading it we have got through several tubes of glitter, a large packet of feathers and lots of goo!!! But hey we have some LOVEly artwork around the house.

I have an illustration degree myself and I keep trying to find that perfect idea for an original book for pre school children I only hope I can find my own ‘Bing and Flop’!!

Your stories are great for toddlers but also refreshing for us parents and the Craig family eagerly await more Bing and Flop adventures.

Laura (3-3-04)


Hello Mr Dewan, Just to let you know that our 2 year old LOVEs "Bing get dressed". We had a copy from the library but have had to order a copy of his own. Well done. We look forward to reading the others.

Pauline (3-3-04)


To Mr Dewan, Just thought I'd ask when the next two Bing books are coming out as my daughter has the set of four and really LOVEs Bing. Georgia is 15 months old and can say about 10 words - one of which is Bi (she hasn't quite got the ending yet!) Her favourite story is Paint Day which we have to read over and over again. It's about the only way to get her to sit still ! Please could you let me know when they'll be out and where I can get them.

Thanks. Dawn and Georgia (3-3-04)

Hello there, bing bunnys no 1 fan is our 18 month year old,leon, obviously! well done with bing,can we have more? leon is obsessed with the books and mum & dad never say no to a little bing time( unlike the teletubbies! ) we love him! we would really love to get him a real bing bunny cuddly toy (and flop of course!)do they exist or is he on paper only? we got a lovely bb apron with the 4 books so just wondering if theres any other merchandise?

regards, katherine (29-3-04)


Ted, I think that you should advertise your Bing books for babies and toddlers because I am 3 months old and I love them. My mum, being a teacher, likes to read to me during milk time or bed time. I love your books because they are so eye catching. The pictures are bold and colourful and I love to look at them. My mum has bought some extra ones, cut up my favourite illustrations and framed them for my nursery.

My mum was reading the one about the picnic to me when my 4 year old cousin was here the other day and he thought the fact that Bing couldn't picnic in the square because of the dog poo was hilarious. My mum bought that one for him for Easter now.

I am going to collect all the Bing books. I will enjoy the pictures until I can enjoy the story too. I love Bing but think that flop is very cute.

My mum and I would like to know if we sent you one (or some) of my Bing books you could sign them because we thing you are a big star. We would also love to know if you can buy Bing bunnies to cuddle? Thank you for reading this email. If you want to see a picture of me there is one attached.

Lukka (Your #1 fan) (16-3-04)




Thank you for your email confurming my name on the list, good to know...

As for the Bing T-shirts idea, that's really cool, I've done quite a bit of iron on transfering before so I've already got the required paper and stuff, but if you could send me a few Bings, Flops and maybe an "It's a BING thing!" (I recon that'd look quite cool on the back of a shirt) then that would be amazing. As for sizes if you could get them biggish (20x20cm at the most) then I can scale them down without them being all pixelated. I'm looking forward to being the first teen with Bing T-shirts and stuff.

When I first read about me and my input into Bing's early life,I was kinda overwhelmed. I feel very honoured. I was with my german exchange at the time, I don't think she quite understood why I was so hyped up about it, but thank you anyway.

Do you have any dates for Bing's premier on TV or is it all "in the making" still? and where would these maybe Bing products be on sale? When it comes to toddler mayhem, I'm all up for that, I help out at a Brownie Pack so I'm very much used to hyperactive littlepeople. Please keep me updated on future Bing events, wherever they are going to be.

Thank you very much, they are actually amazing.

I will have lots of fun playing around and making stuff with them, as well as being the first to start a "Bing" clothes revolution.

Bethan (age 15) (11-4-04)


Hi. Our baby Eloise, who is just one absolutely loves Bing bunny. She giggles with us when we read the story and we have to read it all over again and again......................

Something for Daddy is her favourite - she just loves the sparkles. We have to keep going back to that page..sparkles everywhere.

More Bing bunny books please available in the Uk!! Thank you

Lots of bunny love from Caroline, Mike, Eloise and the bunnies xxx (9-4-04)

- - - - - - -

Thanks for e-mailing back - we are all excited about the two new books. We first saw Bing in a review in a Mummy and baby magazine and loving books and bunnies we had to read them!!!

Ellie is 13 months old. She had the first 4 Bing books for Christmas and absolutely loves them. We have loads of books at home (I teach reception children and have a weakness for children's books!!) but it always has to be Bing. She really loves the pictures but I think that for us it is the way you have to read the Bing books that she loves - the stories come alive for her. I can see her loving them even more when it is more real life for her.

They would be fantastic in the book start pack - I must admit the board books that came were lovely but Ellie had really grown out of the baby faces one..so they were good for chewing. With Ellie she loves it when you talk about the story and with Bing that is so easy because it is real life and the expression of language just comes naturally if you know what I am babbling about!! Bing bunny books definitely are sharing books.

We bought our books from Amazon - I will see if Waterstones in Milton Keynes will order the new ones for us. I think parents would choose cute fluffy lovey books but children would choose Bing bunny.....there definitely is magic in there!!

Take care and thank you for making out bedtime story time such a giggle!


Lots of bunny love from Caroline, Eloise and the bunnies xxx (9-4-04)


Hi there. Just wanted to say that my 3 year old thinks Bing is fantastic! (his words) We discovered Bing Bunny in the library and would now like to buy the series! The paintings are superb and eye catching, the stories are hilarious and easy for kids to relate to. We love Bing Bunny!

Happy Easter Bing Bunny!

your friends, Lisa and Connor (8-4-04)




Hello. Just letting you know, my daughter of 20 months loves your books she has stated just sitting starring at bing mesmerized. Every night its Bing Bing books, I do like them myself. But we do call he bling bunny…

I would be very interested in purchasing more books etc. if possible. We have the 4 books Getting Dressed, Something for Daddy, Paint Day and Bedtime.



Ted, My children, Andrew (3yrs) and Ellen (19mths) both love your 'Bing' books. I notice from your web site that there is a possibility of the characters being developed as soft toys. Are there any further developments with EFE, as I know a little boy who would love a 'Bing', and a little girl who would love a 'Flop'!

Thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given my family.

Regards, Sean. (26-5-04)


Hello Bing, Where does Bing live? I Love him.His best friend Flop and they both get into a mess. and my name is carmela.

Thanks Carmela (12-5-04)



Your Bing books have been a very big hit with our twenty month old daughter. She loves books and yours are her favorites. We've actually got to the point where we have to hide the books because she won't stop asking us to read them. Don't take it personally, we love the books, but after the 500th reading . . . well you know.

We've only been able to get our hands on "Get Dressed" and "Paint Day". Any idea when "Bedtime" and "Something for Daddy" will be available in the U.S.? Also, is there any chance that any of the artwork might be available digitally printed for framing? Just thought I'd ask.

The books are gems. They definitely get the five pacifier rating.

Ben (parent) (12-5-04)


Dear Ted, This is just a quick note to say thanks for bringing out the two most recent Bing books. Now instead of reading out four books three times a night, we only have to read six books twice each night. It is a step in the right direction towards sanity.

I sincerely hope Bing is made into a TV series. Our two-year old son, Ollie, has just about come to terms with our refusal to put Bing on TV and it has been a while since we’ve had to rescue a Bing book from the video recorder. Good luck.


P.S. Is there any Bing merchandising available, posters, t-shirts and the like? (11-05-04)


Dear Ted, we just wanted to say that our two year old loves bing nearly as much as we do, thankyou for such a readable range of stories just right for our little boy Miles and perfectly written, we are proud to say that we know them all off by heart and when Miles wees on the floor its a bing thing!

Can't wait to read the next ones!

Sarah and Carl (13-05-04)


Firstly can I just say a massive THANK YOU, these books are great, my daughter 19 months absolutely loves them, we have the four books and cannot wait for the next ones to hit the shelves.

They really do capture the real life's of toddlers in a very fun loving way, you obviously have a very good sense of humour!

Anyway keep up the good work and I was delighted to hear it may be a TV series. Here's hoping

Lindsey & Libby (19 months and Bing mad)





My son loves bing (he is 2). he reads a lot of books but bing books are his favourite!

A (16-6-04)


Hi there Ted. Our daughter Kadie (2 and a bit) absolutely loves your Bing Bunny books. They are her true favourite-she takes them everywhere. I'm quite attached to Bing myself! I didn't realise until just now that you've written 10 which is good as the four she's got are getting rather battered. Not only is the text great but the artwork is fantastic too. I think Kadie's mouth would drop open if she saw Bing on telly. Even our older kids will occasionally read Bing to her so it must be pretty good. Anyway I do hope you will keep us informed of BB's progress.

Regards, Karina (12-6-04)


My 21 month old son has chicken pox. Bing Bunny Bedtime is the only book he will settle down with before he goes to bed. He is not as keen on books as his older sister is, so it is a relief to find something that he will willingly sit on my knee to read. I enjoy it too.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy (4-6-04)




Round the corner, not far away, Lucy begins another day.....'Bing Bunny, mummy', she says, as today's choice, 'Paint Day', is slapped on my face as I lie in bed...

My 2 year old LOVES Bing Bunny, it was one of her first words, and now she reads along with me, I say Hello, she says Bing, I say hell, she says Flop. She even has her version of 'Don't spill the water, Bing!'. She also loves the other three books I bought from Books For Children, along with the apron, which is well used! I have just ordered the next 4 for her birthday next week, I just hope they arrive on time.

I am not the type of person to gush, but when I saw your website, I just wanted to say thank you, and say that I am glad Bing Bunny was born.

I hesitate to ask, given that there are plans for a TV show, but...any plans for a 3D Bing and Flop? I would so love to be able to cuddle such an adorable little chap. I might even let Lucy have a go!

Lindsey (1-7-04)


Dear Ted,

I just had to let you know how wonderful we think the Bing books are. My friend bought the first four books for my 2 year old over a week ago and I guess I must read them to Isabella at least 5 times a day which gives the kittens a much needed break from being mauled! She has begun to read them herself now as she is learning the words.

My favourite has to be bed time as we too are beginning potty training and Izzy was quick to notice Flop lost under the bed and delights in squealing, "he's here!" Isabella loves the fact that someone else wets themselves in 'Getting Dressed' and has to point this out each time.

I will definitely be buying the rest of the series and hoped I would be able to get them on this site, but I will try the publishers site.

Thank you again for such lovely stories.

Lorraine and Isabella
(age 31 and 2) (9-7-04)



Thank you for Bing Bunny. Your books (we only have the first four at the moment) have built a 'storytime' bond between my 9 month old son Oliver and my boyfriend, Lee. Lee was not 100% sure about fatherhood and fretted, as some do, that he wouldn't be any good at it.

I first picked up a copy of 'Something For Daddy' as a sneaky way of buying yet another book for Ollie, without being given an ear-bashing by Lee (who is as tight as a gnat's wotsit). He loves Bing so much that it is now his duty alone to read to Ollie at bedtime and Lee often refers to Ollie as 'Bing Bunny'. Lee also says that he feels a bit sick whenever he sees Bing looking upset as it tugs at his heartstrings.

What can I say? Bing has prevailed with Lee and Oliver where Peter Rabbit, Wibbley Pig and countless others have failed. Thank you. My only gripe would be that I wish your books were available in material or laminated formats, as Ollie inevitably chews anything to a pulp that is not!

Many thanks
Lisa (21-7-04)


Dear Ted Thanks for your reply. I would, of course, be delighted to received news of Bing things. Lee and I have tried to imagine an animated Bing - it could be wonderful. I do hope that you have a great deal of input.I agree that the format of your books is unusal, although I must say that Ollie has never been anything less than enthralled by them, despite his usual preference for crinkly, tune-playing 3D books. I am sure that Ollie is a little younger than your target readership, but I am a firm believer in introducing babies to books from day one. I grew up thinking that every child in the world had access to a plethora of reading materials and could read and write before they started school. I continue to be saddened to find that this is not the case. Indeed, when I last bought a Bing book, the cashier, who had been fussing over Ollie, asked if I had an older child I was buying for.

When I explained that Ollie already loved being read to, she looked at me with slight pity as if I was a poor, deluded mother with more money than sense.

Well, more fool her.

Once again, many thanks Ted.

Kind regards
Lisa (24-7-04)


Dear Ted, Thank you for creating Bing .Ellie (my little 18 month old) adores him and now goes to sleep every night with bings bedtime book!!!! I have to read it at least 3 times. Would love to buy the rest of your collection, where can i find it,

Kind regards and thank you

Faye (27-7-04)


Dear Mr Dewan, My little girl has just turned two, she has to have Bing Bunny read to her over and over again whether it is in the day or at bed time. She currently has 4 of the Bing Bunny books and tomorrow she will add another 2 to her collection. I have also ordered the new releases coming out in September for her. I was wondering whether or not you have any soft toys of Bing Bunny and Flop to accompany the stories. I think my daughter would really appreciate them if you do or intend to, to cuddle as the stories are being read to her. Anyway, I would just like to say thankyou for these stories, you have definitely made one little girl very happy and filled her mind full of fun.

Thank you once again

Ruth Howard + Alyssa (28-7-04)


Mr. Dewan, Is their any Bing Bunny merchandise available in the UK? My eighteenth month old toddler is fixated with Flop.

Please help.

Roger (30-7-04)




24 Aug 2004

Hello Ted (& Bing & Flop),

We're a family in Birmingham and Bing brightens up all of our days. Our daughter Lily insists on at least one (normally ten!) session of Bing during the day! She is only eighteen months old but Bing! is a favourite word already.We just wanted to say...


Love Lily & Mummy & Daddy X


25 Aug 2004

Dear Ted (If I may)

Our 22 month old son has gone mad about Bing in the last few weeks. We have found the boks really great in introducing concepts such as 'potty' and 'mess' and 'spilling' and doing things all be himself. The artwork is fantastic and although we read each of the 3 books we have about 7 times each day (that's each of us, Mum, dad and Gran). We have just emigrated to Italy and are desperate for decent books for Alexander, and Bing fits the bill. How can we get hold of number 4 about Dad?....

Keep producing them, parents have brains and children have senses of humour.

Well done Ted Dewan!!!!



25 Aug 2004

Phoebe, my granddaughter is now the proud possession of FIVE BIng books and she just loves them to bits.

That's all very fine and dandy, but her mom and dad and grandparents love them too...they are also v. educational! We count the bings on the back of the book and enjoy doing that very much.

And we love the carrot shaped biscuits! See, we even have BING books that aren't even published yet, because we have FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: ie Tansy Jones at Random house, who sees to it we get all the latest Bing things...

I will have a little paragraph about him on my website at the end of May when I write my newsletter.


Adele the Grandmother

ps we are going crazy now, all saying: don't bongo bing! It's a Bing thing! And how...can't get it out of our heads.

pps Love to Bing's Mom as well...and his sister!


26 Aug 2004

Hi there Bings Daddy

What a delight Bing is, my new phrase is 'its no big thing' and I'm a 36 year Mum of a two year old.! My daughter Jessica loves Bing and Flop and she would love to see him on television - ho much fun would that be. Are you still planning to make him 'real'.



26 Aug 2004

I may try making a flop for my daughter, I have made toys in the past (my own designs and these have worked out ok) but that was before I became a mother in a full time job as a nurse. If I do go ahead with the project I will of course send you a picture, I will also make a template so if it is successful you never know some other little person may like one, and I may be that person to make it.

I would also be interested in, being put onto your e-mail list to be notified of any 'Bing news', new books or events that may happen in the future.

Finally, the new Bing books I got Alyssa went down a hit as with the previous four, 'o' she does laugh and copy how we read the books to her, with the book titled picnic - she has to count the 'dog poo' that's in the square and repeats too much dog poo! placing her hand over her mouth before moving onto the next page. These books have certainly expanded on my little girls imagination, making her become more passionate about her books.

Thankyou once again

Ruth & Alyssa


27 Aug 2004

Hi Bings Daddy

Thank you so much for your personal reply, Bing just got a little more 'real'!!.

I would be delighted if you would put me on your Bing email list and look forward to hearing any new Bing news. I have placed my order for Bing Swing and Bing Yuk and hopefully they will be out in about a week or so and anticipate the excitement on Jessicas face when she receives her new Bing Bunny books. What joy!

Her favourite at the moment is Bing Picnic. I know the words off by heart now and recite it to her in the car on the way to nursery, its a Bing thing!

Many thanks



30 Aug 2004

Has Bing made it on to a poster yet?

My five month old son loves looking at Bing books, and it would be great to have a Bing poster for his bedroom.

Keep on writing. Thanks.





9 Sep 2004

Hi there

I received Bing free in a British Mag which I bought in Cape town, South Africa. My son who is 12 months old absolutely loves Bing. I'll be in London fro a week and I was wondering where I could buy the Bing books.

Thanks in advance

From a Bing Fan



10 Sep 2004

Dear Ted,

My little girl, Kate who's just two, loves,loves, loves 'Something for Daddy' and 'Bing's Bedtime' and recites them by heart with great gusto (I must be up to 50th reading of each!). She wants a Bing or a Flop, to discuss things with. Are you going to, or have you already created a lovely velvety toy? If not it looks as if I'm just going to have to buy her a black rabbit instead and keep it well away from her brother's ferret, at least it won't be as stinky. If not, It's no big thing.

Love the books



24 Sep 2004

Hi Mr. Dewan,

I would like to say that I still remain one of your biggest fans and was there with you, even when you were doing odd little creature drawings for my personal enjoyment over 20 years ago. Your talent just keeps growing and Bing is surely going to introduce you to many more folks who will learn what I already know your gifts of humor, perspective, and artistic craft are rarely found in one package.

Yours most sincerely, HH

PS CONGRATS! I am so happy for you! BING RULES!

PPS Dare you to post this email to the running list of parental love letters.




19 Oct 2004

We borrowed Bings', 'Make Music', from the library yesterday, thought he was such fun that I would look up the website! Greatly enjoyed reading it to my fourteen month old, Joseph, who shares some of the same qualities! He loves to make noise with his wooden spoon on a biscuit tin, and always attracted to anything he can make a noise with, the louder the better. It was great fun to read something loud and boisterous. We will look out for other Bing books in the future!

Sue and Lawrence




2 Nov 2004

Hi Ted,

Our family loves Bing. There is so much I want to tell you about how good they've been for my son, Lazaros (2.5). When in clinic just after his 2nd birthday, Lazaros came over and said "Mummy I 'ad a lickle ackident... don't worry mummy, no big thing...it's only wee wee" He feels better about time outs and spilling things too knowing that it happens to Bing as well. You've also introduced some interesting words to his vocabulary (bip, sput and ploip being the favourites)!

We have a monthly ritual which involves going to Borders for lunch and a book. Last month we were in the cafe and I was (as ever) removing the (yuk yuk yukky) tomato from my sandwich, having a conversation with Lazaros trying to explain why I dislike tomato. Then we went to choose his book and I'm sure you can guess which book we chose that day. I'd never seen Yuk before, so it seemed perfectly serendipitous. (My husband said that if Lazaros hadn't chosen that one, he would have bought it for me lol) The book itself put into wonderful words (and beautiful illustrations) the attitude we have about food... that it's okay not to like it, but he does have to try it.

I really feel that they get a very important "stuff happens" message to both toddlers and parents... That this is what toddlers (and Bing) do and they really aren't doing it deliberately and maliciously. It just seems that way sometimes *sigh* I think Bing is Lazaros's first love, and I approve! My daughter Eliza (9 months) isn't far behind with a Bing obsession!! My only problem is that I'm going to have to buy 2 of each as Lazaros (who is usually quite a generous boy) is very territorial when it comes to his Bing books.

I'm sorry this has been so long, I've cut it down as much as I can!! Just a couple of questions, if you don't mind. What happening with the television option? Is it coming to us any time soon? Are there any plans for merchandising? Lazaros wants some Bing pants as seen in Go Picnic, and I wouldn't mind a pair myself!! Do you do book signings at all?

Thank you for "listening" I've never written a fan letter before, so I hope it was okay for you!




Ted, Just a quick note to let you know what a relief Bing Bunny is! It is my 2nd daughters 1st birthday on Tuesday so we had a family party today and her Aunty bought her, her first Bing book. It was a very hectic/stressful day with relatives and toddler tantrums, however at the end of it, I sat down with Bing (Yuk!) and just laughed out loud - it is truly inspired.

And you're right about the anti-maisy thing. I have a second daughter of 2 so have had endure the last two years of Spot, Maisy and Busy Bears, and I was really dreading having to repeat it all for another two years. But now I've found Bing it will be a pleasure!

Well done, thank you and I/we look forward to more books and a TV series (got to be an improvement on Noddy!).



17 Nov 2004

Hi Ted,

I want to add our names to the list of testimonials for Bing Bunny. Julia is 23 months old and exploring the world of potty. She has memorized "Bing Bedtime" and recently started saying "Time to sit on the potty and try" and then when she gets there she says "Just like Bing Bunny." I'm so grateful to you!

We will round up some more Bing books for her over the holidays! Also we would definitely buy a Bing t-shirt for her if one was available.Thanks again.

Berkeley, CA


20 Nov, 2004

Just opened a children's boutique in Portland, OR. Some how ordered your book not knowing it was the "bing thing".


My son is only 16 months and bing is big in our house.We love him! And that hes easy going. My son even says bing bing. Sure you hear that a lot.

Well I have to track down the rep that sold me the book. They dont follow up to see how stuff is selling. They must be the ones getting rich.

Well thanks! And be well! Thank you kindly!



29 Nov 2004

Ted, My little boy Henry (23months) would love a cuddly Bing and/or Flop. Do they exist? If so where could I purchase them from? It's his birthday in 2 weeks and would be a fab pressie for him.

Looking forward to hearing from you.





03 Dec 2004

Subject: Bing appreciation.

Dear Ted,

I am emailing to tell you of my undying love for Bing, and to ask of you a rather big and cheeky favour. I am! currently on the hunt for the perfect Christmas present for my godson Kai, and as you probably guessed, he loves Bing almost as much as I do. You probably get a bunch of these emails, so please feel free to politely decline, but... were I to send you a fresh copy of a Bing book would you sign it for him? I really would put me at the top of the godmother leaderboard. And he might like it too!

Thankyou very much for taking the time to read my begging email.



08 Dec 2004

We had a bit of good news about BING in the US today - Publishers Weekly has listed GET DRESSED and PAINT DAY as 2 of the best picture books for 2004

"These easygoing books reflect Dewan's close observations of children and reassure readers that ordinary mishaps are bound to occur"


12 Dec 2004

We have read to our 23 month old from birth and no book has had the effect that Bing Bunny has had. We all absolutely adore them!!

My Mum and Dad sent them to us in Australia from England earlier this year and we have not stopped reading them since. We are on a mission at the moment for a Bing cuddly toy. We have tried looky-likies but nothing cuts the mustard.

We have used Bing Bunny in all areas of life (Painting/Making Shiny Feathery Sparkly Things for Fathers Day/Toilet Training etc but think that seeing Bing Bunny in the flesh so to speak would be a major event in Samuels life. !

Please, please, please give this your urgent consideration and make a little boy's life complete.




20 Dec 2004

Dear Ted,

We at our little house in the big city we just finished Bing's Paint Day (for the zillionth time!) and just LOVE Bing and Flop!

We and would like to know if there is a stuffed version of Bing for my daughter to truly appreciate for years to come. Thanks for the entertaining books for both kids and parents!


Art Management and Planning Associates