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13 Jan

Dear Ted

Thank you so much for being such a fantastic creator of such wonders for children! My little boy Nathan adores Bing & Flop & has worked his way through the full set of books now. 2 questions

Are there going to be more to the series?

Are Bing & Flop soft toys available to make story time more of an experience? (If not please, please, please can this be put into production asap! We want a Bing & Flop of our own to put on his list for his 2nd birthday in May!)

Keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours bingingly,



16 Jan

Hi Bings Daddy

My two year old daughter loves Bing, she reads the books over and over again every day, and wont go to sleep till shes had ‘Bing Bedtime’ at least twice!! She takes ‘Bing Paint Day’ to bed with her to cuddle, and reads ‘Bing get Dressed’ after breakfast.

I see on your website that there is the possibility of a TV Show, and I wondered is there any plans for Bing or Flop toys? Rhianna tells me every night “cant have bedtime without Flop mummy”, and shed love a Flop of her very own to take to bed.

Thanks from a Binged-out Mummy



17 Jan

Dear Mr Dewan,

I bought my little boy a set of 4 of your Bing books for Christmas and although he got laods more, these are his absolute favourite. He is 2 in March, now it seems Bing is not only bedtime read but also bribery reads for bath time, tea time etc. I thought it would be lovely to get him a Bing Bunny soft toy, i have tried to search the web to see if there are any but to know avail. Do you know if you will be making your little pet bunny go from hard back to soft fur?

If so please could you let me know as i no it would make my little boys day.

I know you must be terribly busy and must get emails every day from fans so I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this.

Kind regards


mum to Thomas, 22 months.


20 Jan

Bing is for babies too!

Hello there, Ted Dewan!

Thank you, thank you for bringing Bing Bunny to life. He is great. I picked up your book, "Paint Day" at the local library and there has been no looking back. Our daughter, Nihal was six months at the time and she responded to that book fantastically. She was immediately spellbound!! Of course, we went out and got all Bing books and are eagerly anticipating the release of all the new ones. I love reading them to her. I love watching her reactions. I love the way she moves her head side to side when I read, "Don't spill the water, Bing!!" She is 11 months now and we know all your books by heart.

Will Bing be just a UK thing? Because, we here in the sates need him too! You definitely have a great gift, Mr. Dewan because we have read "Baby Gets the Zapper," and "Crispin, the Pig" series and she has responded to all of these awesomely. Nihal likes ALL books but she LOVES yours! And so do I and my husband. All of Nihal's older cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents love Bing Bunny, Flop and Crispin too!

I wish you lots of luck and hope that you keep using your gifts to spread love and joy all around. I wish you knew how much fun you have made parenting!

Lots of Love,



22 Jan

Hello, Bing's Daddy!

My daughter Summer loves her Bing book. She reads it all the time. We can't wait to get her the other Bing books you have written.

Thanks for a great line of books!



24 Jan

Dear Ted,

A few friends of mine went to see if they could get a couple more Bing books for Thomas as he only has 4 to date but they tried everywhere in Newcastle to get them and although most shops had heard of them they didnt sell them so ive decided to put an advert on a mothers site which i use to sing Bings praises and recommend that all mothers ask in the Newcastle bookshops about bringing them onto the shelves. The website is called Netmums.com and is great as it is run voluntarily by mums to pass on information etc. If you and your wife have a little one you may be interested in it if you havent already heard of it. It covers nearly all areas in UK, i will let everyone up North East know about it so you might want to do a little bit of free advertising to other parents.

Anyway, enough rambling from me.




25 Jan


I just wanted to let you know that my 15 month old loves these books. We read Bed Time at least 4 times a night, she almost knows each page. I personally could recite the book. They are very entertaining.

I was wondering if there were going to be any Bing Bunny/Flop stuffed animals coming out. Please let me know, I would love to get one for Emma.

Thank you for making reading fun,


Fall City, Washington State


26 Jan

Hi there,

My daughter just loves your book "something for daddy". She has just started talking a little and one of her first words is GOO. Whenever we pick the book up to read to her she starts "GOO GOO GOO".

Well, I thought I would share that with you. She loves your books and so do we (mommy & daddy). keep up the good work.


Patricia & Eva

Halifax NS Canada

ps. Do you have a GOO screen saver that I could download ?


31 Jan

Dear Mr. Dewan,

I am not sure how busy you are and if you ever get to read your emails. I just wanted to drop you a quick line and thank you for your inspirational Bing Bunny books.

I am a mother of 14 month twin girls and a day cannot pass without reading Bing Bunny books. It is a set bed time ritual and one of the first words spoken by my daughters was "Bing".

Thanks again!





2 February

Mr Dewan, my daughter Sophie (22 mths) loves them! Please write some more!! If you have, release dates pls?! My lad Billy (5 in june) loves reading them to her, and it makes me laugh..keep it up!



17 February

Hi Ted,

We've read all the Bing books and our almost-2-year-old Ella loves them more than any other books - especially when we say "Oh no!" (she'll then say "Oh no" about 20 times and refuse to turn the page until she's done a small dance).  I hope you make many more books and the TV series materialises.  I've not got anything else to say - just a hearty well done!

All the best,

Paul, Somerset


26 February

Greetings Ted...

Thank you for the LOVEly reply.  I'll get some mileage out of that with Brooklyn this morning!

The infamous Powell's City of Books is located here in Portland, Oregon.  My husband and I have done a majority of our shopping at Powell's since we were starving college students with too many barely used Humanities books on our hands! (Powell's does great business in trade.)

If you were considering a visit to the states to promote your latest this year, I would heartily suggest a visit to P-town where bibliophilia starts young!  We like to view oursleves as alternative thinkers, and a shot at intimacy with the 'anti-Miffy' will appeal to many.  (Just imagine all those round, eager faces atop perched, wiggling bodies, gathered at your feet, with mouths agape like a gaggle of hungry goslings...)

Fun to chat with you...

Amy Williams




8 March

Dear Ted,

what can I say? Bing Bunny is a fantastic creation. Forget no-narrative Maisy, and pop-up reliant Spot, Bing Bunny is the thing.  My son is coming up to two and discovered Bing about six months ago after I read a review in Books for Keeps. He passed the first test in that after having had a library Bing in our house for six weeks Vincent wouldn't let me take him back. So we started buying Bings. This was Vincent's first real series. You should have seen the delight and confusion on his face when presented with Two/three Bing Bunny books.

So we LOVE him, LOVE him. At first I assumed that Bing was written for Dads with a psychedelic history to chortles over with their offspring but non chemical mum loves Bing too. Even better the girls at the nursery ask V to bring in his Bing books so they can read them to all the other toddlers. Imagine nine tottering Bing fans shouting Bingo bango!! Bash!!

Take a bow.

Thanks again for giving us all a toddler book with an off-beat narrative that makes us all savour words, and laugh at the same things.

For me, it's the Ramones of picture books.

Long Live Bing Bunny (and Flop)

David Kendall, Brighton


9 March

HI Ted,

Thank you for the Bing Books. Megan really enjoys them and knows them off by heart!

I will spread the word and show friends. Do they make them in board book format as Oscar keeps eating his one!

Thanks again.

Love Niamh




12 April

Okay, so here I am looking for more info on BING only two days after first reading "GO PICNIC" to my 2-1/2 yr. old.

I am a dramatic reader anyway, not to mention a graphic artist who loves fonts! The excitement is conveyed in the story as well as the Illustrations and text!

My son, Carter, and I were both laughing out loud after the "NO, too much dog poo" page. I loved it--we read it over and over--can't wait to read the rest of the BING books--I already read the excerpts.

Thanks so much for the fun!!

Jennifer, Palatine, Illinois, USA


8 April

Dear Ted

Not sure if you've had an e-mail from Singapore yet?  Anyway, my 18-month-old, Ellyn Jade loves Bing Bunny - I suspect she identiies with him like when he smashed the tomato in "yuk" and Flop had to send him to to the corner.

I found them at our publico get tld love t library a couple of months back and I fell in love with the illustrations and the stories.  Only sometimes my husband and I feel a little sorry for poor beleagured Flop who has to keep Bing in check all the time!  I haven't seen the books in store yet, but would love to get the whole set.

Good news is, I found that the big Japanese bookstore here "Books Kinokuniya" stocks 5 titles of Bing, bad news was that they were out of stock when I went today.  will try the other big one "Borders" (American) next.

Meanwhile, I found out that each book costs $15.80 (Singapore dollars) - which I suppose is about the equivalent of 4.99 pounds.  Still $16 for a toddler's book is pretty steep - sorry to complain, I know you don't decide on the pricing.  might try to buy through Amazon?

Sorry, have not had the pleasure to meet your friends - don't belong to any clubs except the university club.  My mum is actually English (from Grantham, originally), but I was born, bred and educated here...  anyway, will see how I get on with Amazon....

keep writing & illustrating!!

A cartoon and toys?  I'll be first in line!!

Thanks again for the fun books!

Amanda, Scott & Ellyn

p/s about board books - yes, they're easier for toddlers, but your books are made with pretty sturdy paper!!


12 April

Hi Ted,

Thank you so much for Bing Bunny!!!!! Who did evict Maisy fom our house!!!! My daughter Olivia is four and a half and high functioning Autistic. She's learning to speak now after a year of signing and picture exchange communication. She's also learning to read at the same time. WE adore Bing!!!!! She's replacing more and more words with the speech and it's appropriate to her. (Especially sticking, painting and Flop - or Emily).

We really hope it gets on tv. I can't wait to buy Ollie the next four and my five and a half year old daughter loves reading them to her too.

Please please write more!!!!!

Best wishes

Beth, Meg and Ollie.


15 April

Dear Ted, Bing and Flop,

G'day and thank you for such a fast reply! I'm VERY excited about your new books. We'd LOVE you to let us know when anything Bing is released in Australia.

Oooh, Oooh, a video too?!! yippee! that would be so great, good luck getting it off the ground.

I'll be sure to be in touch and let you know what my first word is. Until next time, thanks again for making Bing a Ruby thing!

Bye for now!

LOVE Ruby,  (mum and dad: Jeanni and Maxx)


16 April

Dear Ted, Bing and Flop,

My name is Ruby, I live in Melbourne Australia and I am 3 months old I LOVE BING and I go beserk even when I see the front cover of your books. I gurlge and squeal when being read any of the bing books.

Can you tell  me if there will be more Bing books for me to enjoy??

luv from Ruby


22 April


Just wanted to let you know my family is loving Bing.  I first spotted the book...it jumped out at me!  It's gorgeous to look at.  My soon-to-be two year old wants to read it repeatedly.  The stories are fun and the art is perfect...I LOVE the spine.

Our first was "Bedtime", and we just got "Picnic" today.

I LOVEd reading your bio as well...really inspiring to see a person exploring so many avenues and producing great stuff.

Thanks.  You are totally cool.

D. Hamilton


22 April


My daughter (Autumn age two +) and I are big Bing fans and snatch them up once they are released in US. Autumn has two questions for you.

1. Any plans for a Bing or Flop doll? She has been asking for a Flop.

2. The other night she asked me a question I could not answer so I am going right to the source. We were reading the PICNIC story and she asked why it says yum yum yum after Bing places the wipes, potty, sun hat etc. in the basket as you do not eat those things. Oh those toddler brains!

Thanks and keep up the great "anti-maisy" stories. I have even thought of writing toddler books for the same reason.


San Diego, CA





5 May

Hi Mr Dewan,

My family LOVES LOVES Bing - all of us, not just the kids - and Bing inspired me to write about Bunkis. Bunkis is my son's imaginary friend, who for sometime took the blame for all ills! I created a template where each book has the same format - a hide and seek style book where we seek out the mysteriously never-seen trouble-making Bunkis and on the last page remind ourselves that Bunkis is pretend.

Anyway, sick of not-too-fun books for my toddler and pre-schooler boys who read way too many take-themselves-too-seriously lesson stories or unimaginative rhyming books, Bing was my inspiration. I think I've done better than a lot of what's already out there and would like to ask you to help me get them published.


Rachel, St Louis, MO


6 May

To Bing’s ‘Daddy’

I have used Bing (especially the first two) in story time to great effect. The audience loves Bing nearly as much as Mr. Tim does. Mr. Tim has converted whole rooms of listeners (ok maybe 5 to 12 toddlers don’t fill a room physically) to Bing fans through energetic reading (and repetition). I had never thought of Bing anti-anything other than boredom. I am glad to see there will be more Bing books to buy!

I would like to ask a question I did not find the answer to in your FAQ: What software do you use for illustrating Bing?

Please do write more, 8 might be enough to “fill our lives with love” but it ain’t enough Bing!

Take care! Best wishes!

Timothy, Children’s Librarian
Dayton Metro Library


8 May

Dear Ted Dewan,

Eliza (nine months) loves Paint Day! She likes to read it (have it read) three or four times in a row. She likes the splash page and the orange page, especially.

Many thanks,

John & Yeardley & Eliza

P.S. Yeardley (mom) wants to know when Flop will have a more active role. We are excited to check out the whole series--perhaps her question will soon be answered!


14 May

G'Day Ted,

I am writing from Australia to let you know how much my 2 year old son LOVES Bing Bunny!

He can't get enough of him and Flop.

I thought you may like to know we narrowly averted a major disaster recently as my mother-in-law lost 'Paint Day'.

For hours on end we searched and retraced our footsteps in a vain attempt to locate the book, minutes turned into hours, hours into days and still no Bing!

Finally nanny found him in the hall cupboard.... along with a plethora of other hoarded treasures (which appealed to Maclaren my son), which had slowly been amassing in the dark

The day was won, the sun shone again and we could read Bing over and over and over!

He adores the books (we have only managed to track down 'Get Dressed' & 'Paint Day'), as do we.

Thanks for your time.



23 May

Hi Ted

My granddaughter was introduced to Bing Bunny this weekend and loves the book. We have read it to her countless times already. I am sure we will be buying further books in the series very soon.

Have you marketed any merchandise such as soft toys? I am sure she would love a soft toy of Flop who she particularly likes.

Regards, Liz


24 May

My daughter has just turned two and has always loved books. We have every single Bing book as she is just crazy about him! Seeing as she is too little to write and thank you herself, I thought I would! She knows the books so well she can even recite them page by page. Thank you for giving her hours
(hours because we read them almost every day!) of happy reading.

on behalf of
Lara age 2


26 May

What does my 2-year old son Zach like about Bing? He’s loved this book since he first saw it (well before he could speak). The pages are of a size that he can handle and absorb and are not unnecessarily cluttered. The story has a simple structure reflective of a child’s day-to-day experience and builds to a climax through subtle repetition (‘Don’t spill the water Bing’).

The artwork freely expresses Bing’s experience of getting ‘lost in the moment’ and carried away by the joy of colour which Zach really seems to respond to. Zach also loves that something ‘naughty’ happens and there’s a massive SPLASH when Bing spills the water. In this way it reminds me of classic Dr Suess titles like ‘Ten Apples Up on Top’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. What I like about this is that Bing is not deliberately ‘being naughty’, as in my experience Zach so rarely is, he just gets so caught up in what he’s doing that he forgets to ‘mind the water’. I also like that the ‘parental’ message is ‘everything is OK, it was only an accident’ and that if anything, Bing is encouraged to continue painting with his favourite colour ORANGE!!! Zach almost certainly learned many of his colours from this book and can now enjoy reciting (or ‘reading’ as he calls it) it for himself as we turn the pages together.

In summary, Paint Day has been a firm favourite in our house for almost 2 years, which is pretty good value for $12.95!
Warm Regards,

Chris Burgess
General Manager
Leading Edge Books
Pymble NSW

Australia's largest buying group of independent booksellers.


30 May

Hi Ted!
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much my 3 year old son adores your Bing books.  We only have Bing! Go Picnic and have 3 more ordered at the bookstore and cannot wait to get them!  My son Bo could recite the book within a day or two and happily repeats is over & over (and over & over!!) while riding in the car looking out the window ("Wait a minute!" I hear over & over) or while shopping.  They are truly "cutting edge" toddler books as I love them too and love repeating them with him. His Grandmother loves them as much as we do too!!
The reason for this e-mail is ask if there are any Bing or Flop plush animal dolls available to purchase.  I looked on your site as well as Bing's site & found no information regarding that.  I would LOVE to purchase Bing & Flop if they are available.  I appreciate any information you can provide as to where I can purchase them if they are available.  If they are not, THEY NEED TO BE!!!   Thanks for the truly wonderful books!! I can't wait until ours come in at the bookstore!!




10 June

Hey Ted:

Just wanted to send you an email and tell you that Bing books are my son Jack's favorite (he's 20 months old) and I dig them too. We have three of
them so far and he makes me read them over and over. I guess we'll go buy the whole collection.

Thanks for creating cool books.



16 June 2005

We were part of a children's bookclub and we forgot to tick the box one month to say we didn't want the recommended selection, but when the four Bing Bunny books arrived, we fell in love with them! Our eldest son Isaac learnt his colours really early on because of 'Paint Day' even though he was
struggling elsewhere in his speech. We got the other four books for Christmas, and now his twin brothers, who are 20 months old, love them too. They are the most read books in our house and Daniel and Joel can already say 'Yup' and 'Goo!' All my adult friends love them too and want to read them to the boys when they come to our house.

Please bring out some more as
soon as possible! It took me a while to find all four of the newer books at Christmas until I realised they were all on Amazon.

Have you considered doing a whole Bing book on potty training? The bit in 'Get Dressed' is great but a whole book that we could read to them on the potty would be fab.

love from Esther, Isaac, Daniel & Joel


17 June

Dear Mr. Dewan,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my little14 month old Cordelia just LOOOOOVES her Bing! Bedtime book. It was a gift and even though I know Bing is more of a pre-schooler, she gets great pleasure in acting out this book with me or her daddy. When Bing! brushes his teeth and spits out the yuck, she makes a "rasberry" sound, and when we're looking for Flop and we ask if he's under the bed, playing hide and seek, or outside alone in the dark, she shakes her head NO, to all questions.

She's taken quite a liking to this book and Bing! in general. We ordered her two other Bing! books - "Get Dressed" and "Make Music" and she likes those quite a bit too.

I can't tell you how many times she's pulled every book off her shelf until she found Bing! And Bing! is so cute too. Thank you for a fun book to read and as it's almost nearing her bedtime, I'm sure I'll soon be saying "Round the corner not far away, Bing has had a lovely day..."



Tess, Staten Island, NY




1 July


My 2 year old grandson is obsessed with Bing....we all know the words off by heart as we HAVE to read about Bing every night before bed!

Where oh where can I buy a Bing Bunny??


8 July

Dear Mr. Dewan,
Hello. My name is Vaughn.  I really like your books.  I think that Bing is cool.  He is funny, and he makes funny jokes.  I like to paint like Bing.  We are a lot alike.  I live in Austin, Texas, and I think that it would be fun for you to come and visit us and read us one of your books.  Thank you for making Bing.  Have a good day.  Adios amigo. 



9 July

FYI--Pandora’s book list link is broken.  We really like her picks too, and refer to it on occasion for advice.

And--  My 2 yo and 4 yo LOVES your Bing books.  The 4 yo acts them out for the 2 yo, then we have to read again and again to the 2 yo (usually I need to quit after 5 times J). Jamie and Ian give them 5 pacifiers!  Bed Time has even inspired Jamie to try toileting and of course he can’t read it without “Pokey”  his version of Flop. And Something for Daddy has been the spark for several art projects, all of course involving shiny, sparkly, feathery things.

Baby Gets the Zapper aka “Zapper” is the source of endless amusement for all of us.  It started on day when Jamie started with “No, No baby or “No baby No, No” at various things. We finally figured out he was replaying the story in his head. Are you going to put out any Bing “stuff”; t-shirts, etc.?  Well we just want to thank you for writing these books and sharing them with us.  They show incredible sensitivity to toddles needs and are really quite remarkable. We are looking forward to the new books in the fall and continuing to expand into the other books you have worked on.

Thank you from blistering hot, dry as a bone Texas!


P.S. We don’t care for Maisy either


10 July

Hi Ted,

My name is Charlotte. I love Bing and Flop. I am two and I have memorized the pages. I can't wait til the next 2 are released in the USA.



18 July

I went to my local library and found your Bing Bunny series.  I love them!!  And so does our 2 y.o. Chinese adoptee.  They are so cleaver and cute AND great for parents.  The illustrations are fantastic!  The stories are perfectly written for that age.  I want a Bing Bunny and a Flop stuffed animal, any in the works? My mom is from Ilford Essex England so as soon as I saw underwear referred to as "pants" I knew you were from England!  I wish you much success!

Beth, Jim and Piper

Denver, CO USA


29 July

Hello Ted,

Just to let you know I have previously borrowed 'Something for Daddy' and currently have 'Bed Time' from our local library for my 8 month old baby son, Jacob.  I get about 4 books out each time and even at his young age he chooses Bing Bunny over all the others and sits very quietly and looks at the pictures while I read it to him.  With his other books he's more interested in eating them than looking at them.  I'm not looking forward to returning the book ...looks like I'll have to visit my local bookstore!!


PS...My husband and I quite like the books too!




9 August

We LOVE your Bing books!  When can we expect the next four to be released in the US this year?




20 August

Hi Ted,

I was sent the first four BB books by sheer accident but we've never looked back (now I've just found out that there are four new ones to collect). My four year old son enjoyed them and now my nineteen month old son has fallen head over heels in love with Bing. I ask him what story he would like at any time of day and he always shouts "Bing, Bing".

This is probably a really stupid question, but is there a sort of 12" plush Bing Bunny available to buy because that would be the icing on the cake. If not I'll get my Mum to knit one.

Thank you for giving us such fun books to read. They are very inciteful and understanding of toddlers, you must be a great Dad.



23 August

Dear Ted,

My mother has just started buying Bing Bunny books for my daughter (and I) and we just adore him and flop. I just wanted to say that the books that we have (bed time & something for daddy) are just wonderful. We were especially pleased with bed time as we recently started potty training and Bing got my little one to want to go potty before bed time.

We look forward to receiving more of the Bing series from Grandma.

Keep the great work up. Oh, what about a something for Mommy book? :-)


Christine & Lana





10 September

In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to let you know that I talk up your books and added a link to the Bing Bunny site on my blog - http://mamamuses.blogspot.com/. 

My readership is about 6, so it really counts for nothing, but just thought you should know.

Thanks again for the joy your books are bringing my household,



12 September

Hello Ted:

I just stumbled across Bing: Go Picnic at our library and FELL IN LOVE.

I am so enamored with Bing that I just went to Amazon.com and ordered a bunch for my two boys - George and Charlie 4 and almost 2 - as well as 2 additional copies of Go Picnic for my best friend and sister-in-law.

I am now going to email your web site to all the moms in my book club because Bing is an answer to the thinking mom's prayers.  My favorite part of the Bing creation story is that he wielded a weapon in the first draft on the tube.

My boys have the names of royalty because I love all things British, and now I have found my newest favorite from across the pond - Bing.

Thank you for providing joy to both my boys and I.

PS - My son George hates Maisie (as well he should)


13 September

Hi Ted

I am going to do some digging and find out some good sites for you to check out in order to get your finger (or Bing's paw?) back on the pulse of today's mommy.

Here is a starter, but there will be more to come: 

www.bloggingmommies.com is a site that pulls together blogging mom's from all over the world.  They have  blogs from US moms, Bangkok moms, and even head banging moms in their membership.  

I intend to contact you with more resources soon...

Take care - Chrissy 


15 September 200

Hello there!

My daughter Holly is 20 months old and LOVES the Bing stories! We get them from the library but she is always sad when they have to be returned.

I would like to buy the whole series. Does it exist in a box set?

Jen and Holly


I’m sure you hear this all the time, but here it is again:  Thanks so much for the perfect books.  We discovered Bing at our local library and immediately fell in love with your books about getting dressed, painting, and making something for Daddy.  Just last week, we chose to evacuate our home in Houston, Texas to avoid a hurricane and found ourselves with family in Chicago.  All faces brightened when we discovered more Bing books at their library about going to bed and going on a picnic.  I can’t thank you enough for helping my 2 year old through a rough week.  Send more books to the US!




4 October

Hi Ted,

We took George away to the Isle of Wight for 8 days a couple of weeks ago. Weather warm and lovely, and we spent a many happy afternoons on the beach where George, playing in the sand, kept insisting (as two-year-olds do) that "Bing Bunny likes the seaside". We assured him that Bing did, indeed, like the seaside, and I told him I would write to Bing's "Dad" and ask him to tell us, sometime, what happened to Bing when he went to the seaside!

Adam Jezard
Assistant editor - posters
TES Teacher


9 October

Hi Ted
I wondered if you had any pictures of Bing that you could send me?  I would like to make Rhianna a Bing t-hirt or two for her birthday, if you had any pictures I could print them onto T-shirt transfer paper. 



13 October

Hello there, books are great and my little boy is looking over my shoulder at the bing website while i write.  just wondering are you bring any more out other than the 8 out already? Also toys of flop and bing would be great defo a big hit!!! the transfers that somebody said about on the comments bit that u would the iron on tshirts would be really cool for the little ones! such a popular book it was others that introduced it to me so the word spreads!!!

Ellen and Joshua aged 28 months.


30 October

My name is Noémi Dorsánszki, I am from Hungary, a mother of two fantastic boys.
About a year ago someone gave us two of your books (Bed Time, Something for Daddy) and since then these are one of my sons (see them in the pictures attached) favourite books. My sons are 2 and 3 years old and both of them know the Bing stories by heart. These books are great, easy to understand, to learn, even though they not yet speak English. I speak with them German and Hungarian and would like to start with English when they are 4.

Unfortunatelly Bing books are not available in Hungary but I hope they will be.

In my letter I just wanted to tell you many thanks for the joy and happy hours your books have given to my children!

I wish all the best for you!

Best Regards,





1 November

My Toddler just LOVES Bing Bunny. We read Get Dressed about 5 times every night. The pages are torn and I have had to tape them back together!

Any Bing accessories available?



2 November

Hi Ted

Just adding to the positive testimonials regarding Bing is our two year old daughter Ida, who runs around the house yelling Bing, Bing until we sit down and read it to her for the umpteenth time. However, strangely enough, I don't get bored with reading about Bing and Flop and their mayhem on a daily basis. So thank you for a great set of books.



7 November

A question of curiosity: Have you ever considered Bing and Flop stuffed toys? We think they'd be a big hit...just like the books.

We have introduced many people to Bing and Flop.

Best Wishes,

Patricia and Eva


23 November

My two year old loves Bing more than anything and won't sleep unless we read a Bing story every night.  His older siblings also love the collection and we have Bing books all over the house.
We love your Bingbunny website and have printed some of the download pictures for Byron's bedroom wall. 
We wondered if there is such a thing as a Bing bean toy (teddy bear)?  If there is could you please tell us who stocks them.  Is there any other kind of merchandise?
Keep up the great work - Bing is fantastic and a pleasure to read again and again.
Carnie (and Byron-2, Willow-3 & Bailey-6)


23 November

Just wanted to say how much my little boy Oscar (he's 2 1/2) loves Bing.  We're potty training just now, so the accident in "Getting Dressed" reminds us that it's no big thing!  In fact, "no big thing" has become a catchphrase in our house for whenever something goes a bit wrong... 

They are books I don't mind reading again and again and again and again, which is just as well, really!  Even my partner, who is seriously dyslexic, enjoys reading them with Os, so thank you!


25 November

I'm not sure when you put this site up, but the last time I checked, it wasn't there (a few months ago).  I love it.
My granddaughter (Kylie, age 2) is crazy for Bing.  And I never tire of reading him over and over.  We love the way each book starts the same, Round the corner..., etc.  And the illustrations are  similar, with the house and Hello Bing. 

Kylie will try and read along with me in one book while I read a different book (at least the first 2 pages), and she insist on reading the title page, too.  She is quite a character, insisting Bing has a movie out, and that we need to get it at the Big, Big, Library. 

She has an Easter Bunny, pink and white, with big front teeth hanging out that she has named Bing (it's hideous). 

I have wanted to make a Bing that looks more like him, but was afraid it might infringe on some copyright, but after reading your page on merchandise, I will proceed to make a Bing and a Flop.  And I will send you some pictures with Kylie.  She even has overalls that are just like Bings. 
My only suggestion is to write more books.  We all love them and can't get enough of that funny Bunny.   One thing I do really like about not any merchandise, is that, Bing isn't being pushed on the kids.  Kids just love the character in the book.
Thank you so much for listening to me and giving me and my granddaughter so much pleasure.


25 November

Dear Ted,
It’s taken me a while to reply to your kind e-mail…life is hectic with a baby!
Just to update you, Jacob is almost a year old now and has 4 Bing books; Something for Daddy, Bed Time, Get Dressed and Paint Day.  His favourite pages are the ones with the big statements such as Sparkles! It’s Flop! Dungarees! And Splash!.  I have bought him the remaining 4 books for Christmas because he loves them so much.  He still chooses them over all his other books.
Of course you may e-mail me about new books or events.
Kind regards, Dawn


25 November

Mr. Dewan:

Our two-year-old granddaughter recently visited us for a week, and found your Bing books at the local library, and absolutely fell in love with them - so much so that when she went home, she was seriously upset that she didn't have them to read. So, of course, Grandma and Grandpa promptly ordered all 8 books for her. When they arrived, she DEMANDED to call and say thank you. She's now reading them to her parents.

Is there any chance that we could obtain either a sketch or an autographed book (to Katharine) as a Christmas gift? I can imagine nothing she'd appreciate more!

Your books made a good visit to Grandma and Grandpa a great one! Thanks for your efforts.

Bill, Knoxville, TN


28 November

Dear Ted,
Thank you very much for putting the photos of my sons into the Bingster Gallery! We visit your website every day and they were very happy seeing themselves there and they keep telling it to everyone we meet.

We have made Bing ears for them, they look great in them. We plane to make a series of Bing pictures with my sons and send the photo of the Bing books we have: proud pieces into the "Messiest Bing Book Gallery". If they are ready I send them to you.
I just would like to mention one more thing. My little son had to spend two days in hospital two weeks ago. We were with two other children together in one room. We took the Bing books with us and I usually read it to Andris (my son). The other children started to listen to me, when I read the books, they liked the tone of the texts, and loved the pictures. None of them spoke English but could follow up the story without understanding a word.

I think that's why these books are so great, congratulation and many thanks!
Noémi, Hungary 


30 November

Thanks so much for the bookplates. We also found the downloads section of bingbunny, and are planning to make Katharine some sort of clothing with some, and probably wall decorations as well (great ideas).

Yes, Katharine is with me as Big Orange Santa. It's fine with me to add to the webpage - the girl in blue with my red Santa is my 4-year-old granddaughter Anna (who is becoming a Bing fan!). Maybe it'll give her the incentive to read.

Katharine takes her Bing books (all of them) to bed with her, and, if one is missing, can immediately tell which one, and, of course, it has to be found before she can go to sleep. Anna just visited, and 'borrowed' them when Katharine wasn't trying to sleep.

Orange is everyone's favorite color in Tennessee - it's the color for the University of Tennessee, where football is very important.

Bill, Knoxville, TN




8 December

Hiya Ted,
Thought you might like to see the Bing top we made for our 2 1/2 year old, Oscar - he's got two, and it's a struggle to get them off him!  Embarassingly, he's weed all over three of his Bing books (they got a bit close to the potty) and now they smell a bit funny ;-(  Still, no big thing.
Mel, Jay & Oscar


30 December

Hi Ted

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful Bing books you have written!

Our little boy Robert is 19 months and he got 4 Bing Bunny books for Christmas (after I'd read Paint Day to a friend's little girl and thought it was fab!) - I also downloaded the images of Bing and Flop and made him 2 T-Shirts - as recommended on your website!

Robert adores the books and we're enjoying reading them to him - even if it is 10x a day!!!

Bring on the Bing and Flop toys!

Thanks again and looking forward to more stories being released!

All the best for the New Year

Best wishes, Melanie