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7 February

My husband, both my kids and myself LOVE Bing! We found them at the library and borrowed any we could find and we read them many times. I haven't found all of your series and would love to win the complete set.

However, I'm torn. As much as I'd absolutely love to get your books, I don't think I could ever bring myself to purposefully allow my kids to trash books
(any book but especially BING) purposefully. I realise that I would get a new set of books, but I also don't want the kids to learn or think they can mistreat and abuse their things just to get a new set...?

is it at all possible to change the competition?

warm regards (and thank you for creating BING), stefani


7 February

My little girl - age 20 months LOVES LOVES LOVES bing bunny and she gave me a valentine card full to bursting with........ sparkles!!!!!!!

And also....... we write at the end of our books:

it's a bing thing......... "and a maisie and a mummy thing too" !!!


24 February

Hi There,

I have just gone to your website as we have a one year old son, Milo, who can only go to sleep at night if he has Bing, YUK! read to him and I thought I need more of these books!. He adores Bing, I want to thank you making the end of each long day close with a smile for all of us as his face lights up everytime he sees a tomato!!

Kind Regards, Amelia


I just want to thank you for writing all the neat Bing and Flop books.

My daughter is two years old and she loves it when I read them to her.

We found the first Bing book about bedtime and we had the book for about three weeks and she did not want to take it back.Meanwhile I had to read it every day about 4-6 times a day.

By the time we did take it back she had the book memorized and she was reading it to her teddy bears.

Since then we have borrowed paint Day and making music.

Jessica now loves the books and I think I may have to go out and buy her the books.

Thanks again for such good reading for my two year old...

Take Care.

Anita & Jessica, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. 


26 February

We love bing bunny in this house, and have a request as you develop your website. It would be great to have a toddler friendly bing bunny game as well as the cool downloads.

Ollie 2 1/2




8 April

Hello,  Mr. Dewan.  Just wanted to say "keep up the good work"!   My children (ages 4 and 6) and I, have recently discovered Bing through our beloved local library, and we can't get enough of him.

We love the funny antics of  Bing and Flop and the colorful, fun illustrations as well.

We wish you continued success in all your "Bing" endeavors.

Blessings, The Huff Family of Ohio, USA (Wes, Lisa, Joshua, and Anna)


13 April

My daughter has all of your Bing Books (9 I think). 

I just bought all 9 of them for my nephew for Easter………I’m sure he’ll love them as much as Kylie!!!!!

Will there be more Bing Books in the future?  If so, when? Terry


19 April

I would just like to let you know that my first daughter received the first four Bing Bunny books when she was one and they are now being re-read to my younger twin daughters.  Although, Erin still loves them almost 3 years down the line.

These books are fantastic for toddlers, all three of mine adore Bing and Flop and I constantly recommend them to my friends and will certainly be buying them for my new niece/nephew in due in June.

Will you be writing any more Bing books and if so when will they be available?

Many many thanks for excessive hours of reading Bing Books

Claire Erin Leah & Abbie


24 April

Bing has come into our common parlance, with 'don't go bongo bing' used at every occation. My 6 yr old loves to read them to Anna - which is wonderful. But most of all, I love the fact that when she is a bit off colour, or very tired, all you can hear is 'Bing' in a quite pathetic voice! Bing is adored and loved!!

We look forward to hearing more from you!

Mo, Mother of an adoring Bing Fan!


I'm going to kill you, Ted Dewan, because when my son Lucas wakes up every morning the first words out of his mouth are "Bing book." The day cannot begin until the stack of every Bing Bunny books is read. They also have to be read to him before he goes down peacefully at night. Keep in mind both my husband and I are avid readers and work at libraries, so it's not like there is a dearth of children's books crammed into every shelf of every room.

I checked out two of the Bing Bunny books from the library and seeing that he enjoyed them, I went and checked out the remaining stack of them. Now I've just had to purchase them because as you know library books have due dates and there couldn't be a world to wake up to without a stack of Bing Bunny books waiting in our living room.

His favorites are Make Music (he loves the sound effects of the instruments) and Paint Day. We were at Subway the other night and on the wall is a picture of a big, red, juicy tomato. He looked at it and said, "Bing, Yuk."

I love the cool 1950s Beat culture style of the cars, houses and decor.

We thank you for your imagination.

Tressa and Lucas


30 April

Our 2 year old daughter adores your Bing Bunny books!  We get a few each time we visit the library and we read them over and over and over….

I visited your website for the first time today and I must say that I was shocked to see that you are having a contest for the most trashed Bing Bunny books!  We treat our (all) books with the utmost care.  Sure occassionaly the pages get ripped, but we never draw in our books or throw them or anything else destructive.  As exciting as having the Bing Bunny book collection signed by yourself would be, this is one contest we won’t be entering.

Looking forward to the next Bing Bunny adventure!

Cari, Canada




4 May

I wish Bing were as popular in America as Barney is. These books are a hoot and my son just can't get enough of them. I checked all 8 out from the library and had to end up buying them. Adults enjoy the '60s vibe of the cars, houses and furniture in the books. Maybe an animated Bing show in America will make these books as popular as they deserve to be.

Mrs Bookworm, Alabama


22 May

Our daughter Madison recieved a copy of "Make Music" from my sister for Christmas, and after finding out that there were more Bing books, my wife and I bought every one to fill out our collection!

I have a question though.. After reading "Make Music" several hundred times, I had sort of thought that Flop was the Narrator in the story. Now, after reading the rest of the books, I'm not so sure. It appears that most of the stories can be read either way, although in "Bedtime", flop disappears momentarily, and the narration goes on.. Was it your intention that this point be somewhat nebulous?

In any case, we love the books!





18 June

I just want to thank you for creating bing bunny! My daughter Isabelle is 14 mths and absolutley loves Bing and Flop!! { she has her own Flop she wont sleep without!! } Thank you for creating such a wonderful series of books. please let me know of any merchandise { which Isabelle would love to own } , new books or anything else to do with Bing Bunny because we love him!!

Keep up the good work!!

Lots of love Isabelle, her Mummy Sheree and her Daddy Mark! xxxxx


Hope I haven't totally clogged up your computer with all the photos I just sent you.

I wrote to you at Christmas and have been meaning to send you some photos of Robert in his T-shirt - and then when my mum surprised us with the Bing Bunny she made at Easter …….well finally got round to sending them anyway.

Hope you like them!  Robert is still enjoying his Bing books and now has a Bing of his own to cuddle whilst reading them!

The whole family find our selves walking around saying " Don't worry Bing, it's no big thing" and "Good for you Bing Bunny"

thanks for bringing Bing into our lives!!!

Best wishes Melanie (Robert's Mama)


21 June

Hi Ted! My son, Ty, loves Bing and calls himself "Bing Boy" when he tries to dress himself. He can list, by heart, every title. Even though his vocabulary is large enough to understand and appreciate "Charlotte's Web" (he's 2.5 y.o.), Bing's adventures really speak to him. Suggestion: a Bing potty book. The potty books out there (with the exception of "Time to Pee" and "Once Upon a Potty") really suck!! Bing tells it like it is.

Thanks again! Keep them coming,

Ellen and Ty




5 July

Just a quick note to say "Thanks" for the Bing Bunny series. Our son, who's name is Bingham, (we call him Bing for short) just LOVES these books. He turned 3 on June 22. So, we purchased all 8 books as a birthday gift and he nearly has them all memorized. Attached is a recent photo of Bing "reading" Bing Bed Time.

We are hopeful that you'll have additional books in the Bing series soon. Thanks again!

Brian, Vickie and Bing


I wish Bing were as popular in America as Barney is. These books are a hoot and my son just can't get enough of them. I checked all 8 out from the library and had to end up buying them. 

Bing is a bunny who interacts with his stuffed animal Flop. The books show Bing learning colors, foods, potty training, etc., all in the course of a day. 

Adults will enjoy the '60s vibe of the cars, houses and furniture in the books. 

Maybe an animated Bing show in America will make these books as popular as they deserve to be.

Mrs bookworm, alabama


We love Bing! My son is 3 1/2 and my daughter is 1 1/2 and they both love Bing Bunny. My daughter loves how colorful and cute the artwork is and my son is just getting interested in trying to read so he likes to help with the words. I am required to read all three of the Bing books that we currently own each and every night. I will have to acquire the remaining 5 books before their birthdays this summer or mayhem could ensue. Great books for an honest look at toddlerhood. It's a Bing Thing!


25 July

Thanks for Bing Bunny.  We've only read three so far, and we have more on order.  They're really great. 

Cheers, John




15 August

We laugh out loud with every Bing Bunny book...my 2-year old son can't get enough. My question is: is
the drawing of the townhomes (which opens every Bing book) modelled after your own street?

Before I found out Bing's British origins, I used to tell the kids it looked exactly like the neighborhood we used to live in, in San Francisco.

Keep the Bing books coming!!!

Sincerely, Jennifer (mother of Dean and Lauren)


18 August

I just wanted to say thanks for Bing and Flop.  My wife and I have been reading all the books to her for over a year.  We may read other books at night, but story time isn’t complete without one Bing book.  She has even started to read them on her own and I know she can’t wait for a Bing Bunny to come out.  I like the stories and artwork as well, especially spending all day reading about explosive devices.

Thanks again, Pete (Intelligence Analyst)




2 September

Just thought I'd let you see a picture of Rhianna and her baby brother Connor - more commomnly known as Flop! Rhianna decided on his nickname whilst I was pregnant, cos if Bing Bunnys got a Flop, why can't Rhianna have one?

Unfortunatley, the name has now stuck, and everyone calls him Flop, so when he complains to me at 16 years old, I'm going to refer him straight to you!!! The good news (possibly!) is he's 4 months old, and is already teething on Bing Bunny books, which Rhianna is reluctantley sharing with him.



7 September

You are one of my favorite artist authors, and I have hesitated to write for three months now.  I finally screwed up the courage to write you.

Bing is the best bunny ever.  You have created an adorable character my whole family enjoys, and the artwork in Bing's stories are most spectacular.  Truly, your use of color is inspiring.  There are no books I enjoy reading more than Bing's.  We are beginning to collect your other titles as well, books you have both written and illustrated and books you have illustrated. Your artwork is the reason I buy hardcover, quality picture books.



My 18 month old grandson Abe introduced me to his friends Bing Bunny and Flop on his recent visit to Virginia from Indiana. Because he lives so far away  we don't see each other very often. I was so delighted he wanted me to read to him and Bing Bunny Bedtime was by far our favorite. Because of his reactions and interaction with the story, even after thirty plus readings it was still fun! After they left I visited your web site and was disappointed that there were no dolls available so I took your suggestion and made my own. Thought I would share them with you. My son said Abe was delighted and so excited that Bing & Flop had come to his house!

Sincerely, Carolyn O'Hara




2 October

My two year old loves the Bing books. For Daniel's 2nd B-day, my mother had a "flop" made. Attached is a photo of "flop". I'll send better ones soon! Thanks.



10 October

Thank you for producing such a wonderful character, both my 3 (soon to be 4) year old and 22 month old children love him. And I don’t mind repeated readings of Bing either. The thought of a potential picnic surrounded by dog pooh always makes me smile.

But a big thanks you for helping me to redirect the strange whims of my 3year old, Bill. It is his birthday this week and for months he has told me he wants a “Horsey cake”. As my creative streak was brutally erased at birth this struck terror in my heart. As well as incredulity. Bill has never ridden a horse, spent quality time with a horse and only petted one briefly. However a very pretty girl called Charlotte is a huge fan of horses to such an extent that some days she will only respond to her pony alter ego name, Pepper. I think this may be his first crush. Bill casually leafed through my “Easy” party cakes book and chose a cake shaped like a bed with a mouse in it. But he wanted a horse’s head on the pillow. It’ s very hard to explain to a 3 year old why this is wrong on quite a few levels, particularly whilst laughing. Anyway, I suggested I make a Bing cake. He agreed.

So, I now have the onerous task of producing a Bing shaped cake and introducing him to a wider audience. I have a large stencil to use and mountains of black icing.

I will send you pictures, if it works. If not I will extol the virtues of all things equestrian, including birthday cakes.

Introducing Bing to grown ups and children who don’t know him is wonderful. Part of me wishes that myself, my husband and Bill and Iona could meet him again for the first time.

Thank you Vik (Mum to Bill and Iona)




2 November

I just wanted to tell you how much my son loves your Bing books. We received Swing and Yuk as gifts and those are just about the only two books he wants read to him. And he wants them read all of the time. I'm now purchasing three more and I'm going to get the remaining in the series for Felix soon.

I am so serious about loving these books. They are some of the few that I really don't mind reading to him again and again and again, because I really enjoy them too.

Thanks again. And I hope you continue to create more Bing adventures.



7 November

I have no doubt that you and Bing will be able to cultivate a Bingmania that respects and attracts readers and fans from all over.  Your work itself and the tiny bit that I can tell from your emails leave me certain that the buoyancy, humour, and lovableness of Bing will remain intact!  There's a "rational exuberance"  (to twist a 90s Americanism) at the core that I think is timeless.



Love your Bing Bunny books - they are the best thing to hit toddler reading for years, and all the preschoolers I know absolutely adore them.

But, although David Fickling has published some great titles, and it's an honour to be in such company, I wonder if they are really doing all they can for Bing? Anyway - any more Bing titles in the pipeline, e.g. for Christmas ?





1 December

My daughter loves Bing.  And having lived the warnings on your homepage:

Bing Bunny books are proven to be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE to toddlers.You may be FORCED to read these books HUNDREDS of times.Buying even JUST ONE BOOK will lead to demands for MORE.

I hope Bing stays a toddler!

Many Thanks, Leigh, Claire, and Grace


Thanks for creating Bing Bunny. He's a delight. I've shared it with the readers of PlayLibrary.com.

All the best,



9 December

Thank you so much for creating Bing the Bunny. Our 21 month old daughter, Zoe, found her first Bing book at the Los Angeles Museum of Art's bookstore.  Everyday she goes to her bookshelf and asks, "Bing?....Bing?" 

When she gets her tiny hands on the book, she euphorically exclaims, "BING!!!!"  Tonight, we downloaded the 8 x 11 Bing from the clip art on your
website, and we are going to tape the picture to her
wall right above her crib, so when she wakes up, Bing will be greeting her with a big, "Good morning!"  We are planning on ordering ALL of the Bing books you have thus far for Christmas.  You totally have to come out with Bing and Flop stuffed animals.  You will not only make a fortune but also meet the demands of many little readers worldwide! Thanks for your inspiration to promote literacy for the tiny minds as well as share your imagination of Bing. God bless. 

Teri, Long Beach, CA, USA


28 December

I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful character. My 16 month old daughter absolutely loves
Bing. In fact it was one of her first words. "Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing..."

We received "Go Picnic" as a gift and I didn't think anything of it at first. I tried so many other books, but I could only get through a few pages. When I read
her "Go Picnic" not only did I read the entire book but she wanted me to repeat it. In one sitting I read the book to her ten times. Needless to say I now have the book memorized.

Her favorite line in the book is "How about the square… Not too much dog poo!" She cracks up every time I read it. (Actually I do too)

I just ordered the entire collection and I can't wait to receive them. Keep up the great work.

It's a Bing Thing!



So funny you should send this email out today because I was thinking about you this morning as I was reading my son every Bing book we own. I can't just read one of them, I have to read them all. He's only 2 1/2 but he can tell me the title of the books
just by looking at the front.

So cute when he says, "Hello, Flop." Everytime he sees a tomato, he has to yell, "Yuk! Yukky tomato!" (Although he does enjoy tomatoes so you haven't ruined him completely.)

We treasure these books and would love to have some signed plates to place in them. These are books I will keep for him even when he's an adult because they were the first books he enjoyed reading at a very young age.

Please send us 9 book plates. My son's name is Lucas.

Thanks so much for your talent!

Tressa & Luke