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4 January

I would really like some book plates for judes bing books--he has eight of them--I believe that is all available to us here in the US (no more available on amazon). I look forward to getting them--2 years later and bing books are still judes favorites and we have to read at least one every night at bedtime :) Thanks

Dan, Amanda, Jude, and baby2 due any day :)


5 January

We have had a huge 'Bing' hunt under Byron's bed and around the rest of the house and have found 5 books (some of them are extra-heavy with all the sticky tape...heh heh).

Byron still loves his Bing books and knows all the words. We even use 'Bing sayings' at our house. Whenever any of the children have done something by themselves we always say 'Good for you Bing Bunny'.

Carnie (Bailey age 7, Willow age 4, Byron age 3)


I thought you might like to see how the Bing Bunny books have got my 7 year old daughter's creative juices flowing!  Poppy reads the books to her three year old brother, Luca all the time and they both absolutely LOVE them (the favourites being Bing YUK! and Bing Bedtime).  Anyway, Poppy decided that she'd like to have a go at writing a Bing story for herself - I have attached it for you to see as she is so proud of it and I think she has got the tone exactly right!

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards



9 January

p.s. My husband wants to buy a second set just to put away for when he gets older. Jude's favorites are bedtime, paint day, make music, and something for daddy. Which he of course has memorized :) thanks for replying ted, and we look forward to the possibility of another bing book!

Dan, amanda, and jude


17 January

I love the series and we have them all, when are new ones coming? We have read all 8 a MILLION times over!



18 January

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We have quickly become a Bing loving house.  My son has almost all of them and we read them multiple times a day.  He is only 16 mths and already "reading" to himself, just the other day he picked up Something For Daddy (his favorite!) and said "Bing, Goo".  I'm sure there is nothing that I could say that you haven't already heard, but we think Bing is the BEST!

David, Shelby & Luca




Just a quick note to say thanks for brightening my days with Bing and Flop. I am 2 years old and I can't say too much. However, I can recite "Yuk" from start to finish! I have also learnt some very cheeky behaviour! Thank you!

Love Flora xxx




4 March

My daughter was given the Bing bed time book for her second birthday. We read it so often that she knows it off by heart, quotes the text at me before I get a chance to read it, is quite cross with Bing for not knowing by now that Flop is lost under the bed, and now finishes every other book she reads by saying "It's a Bing Thing!".

They're great. Thanks for making bedtime stories
interesting for us, too!

Catherine, Oxford, UK


11 March

Just wondering if there’s a range of Bing / Flop cuddly toys? If so, where can I buy?  A friend in USA has twins who love Bing and I wanted to buy them gifts.

Amy, London, UK


20 March

Thanks for creating Bing. We've only read "Get dressed" so far.  I especially appreciate the message at the end, when Bing has an accident, and Flop reminds him that it's no big thing. I've memorized the book, so if Alex gets upset while we're driving around in our car, I just start reciting it to him, and he calms down to hear the story one more time...



31 March

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books. My twin boys, Ben and Josh, who are now four, loved the books and now my daughter, Mary, who is eighteen months, is obsessed with Bing. We probably would have stumbled on Bing on our own, but our find was expedited by my father who was kind enough to give us a few Bing books autographed by you to our children. I just wanted to let you know how much your books mean to our little ones. Thanks!





9 April

Thanks for creating such a cute and fun character. It's nice to have books to read to our 2 year old that don't drive you crazy after 100 readings.



23 April

My name is Medbh. I am 5 years old. I've read all your Bing books. Will you do some more bing books?

I think you should do 6 more bing books.


P.S Here are some ideas: Bing goes on holiday, Bing goes sailing, Bing goes to the city, Bing goes to the seaside, Bing goes to a wedding, Bing goes to Italy. I like your drawings. Your books are funny.

P.S I am on your biggest fan list on Bing books.


Love the books nearly as much as my 2 children! Freddie is 4 and had memorised the words to Get
Dressed seemingly before he could walk! His first word was "YUP!" Phoebe is 18 months and discovered our dog eared (or should that be well loved) copy a couple of weeks ago. A now constant companion.





7 June

I am a school teacher who recently has given birth to my first child. I came across your Bing series at a newsagency and instantly recognised that it would be a fabulous read. I bought the four Bing books on sale and read them, loving the bright pictures and clear print. Children love uncomplicated books that allow them to soak in relevant detail. I know this as I am staunch fan of the Meg and Mog Series that was constantly called upon in my year 2 classroom to be read over and over again.

Well done on a fabulous series that is relevant to today (loved what was packed in the picnic basket in Bing Go Picnic) and my ten week old loves the stories too. He is captivated by the black and white (newborns tend to see clearer in black and white). I am currently on maternity leave but if you would like me to promote your books in any way, please let me know.

Roz, Australia


9 June

I am a young mother with a darling toddler, Abdalla. On a trip to Dubai I asked my aunt to pick up a book for Abdalla and she bought 4 of the Bing Bunny books. These books have completely changed my parenting with my 3 year old son. Instead of stressing over the little things now I have learned to accept them as steps of life that Abdalla needs to take to grow. His catch phrase is, It's no big thing Mama, right? And everytime I'm about to lose my temper over what seems at that moment to be monumentous issue, he looks at me with his big beautiful eyes and say, don't worry mama, its no big thing. And I take a deep breath and smile and say, You're right, it is No big thing.

What's great is he always smiles back with an ear to ear grin.I have become your biggest fan and cannot stop talking about Bing Bunny to every mother I meet.

Thank you.

Your Biggest Bing Fan

Hala Adam

P.S.- I'm not sure if you intended this but making Bing Bunny a Black bunny is a step forward to teaching children at a young age racial tolerance and acceptance in a world where many children characters are not diverse.  So thank you for that also.


11 June

We've just read our first Bing book, go picnic, my 4 and 2yr olds just love it. I love the pictures, and don't mind at all reading it 25 times in a row! Thank you for bringing us Bing and Flop!

Regards, Felicity


18 June

Thank you so much for your generous offer to still send the bookplates.  It will be a special gift that Zoe will treasure! 

Is there another book in the works?  We hope so.

God Bless!  Take care this summer.





3 July

My daughter Kate (3) LOVES your Bing Bunny books.  That is where she heads to every time we go to the library.  We are going to get her some for Christmas.  Thanks for such cute books!

Allison, Woods Cross, UT USA


10 July

I have to thank you for writing the Bing books!  We love them!  They have helped us to stay relaxed and present for each other through the challenges of toddlerhood. Your books help us feel happy and full of humor. I really can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gesture of love Bing is!

By the way, my 4yr old said that there is a new book about Bing losing a shoe.  I have a feeling she is wishing it into existence.  But we have not read all of your books yet, they have been hard for us to find in bookstores, maybe it is already out there waiting to be read!  Now that I have found your website, we can order more.

In great appreciation!

Angie (33yrs old) Autumn (4yrs old) and Riley (2yrs old)




18 August

Just wanted to drop you an email to say my 17 month old daughter LOVES your 'something for daddy' book. she gets so excited as I turn the pages and shouts 'pok' when the goo goes everywhere and then 'oh no goo' on the next page. I have been known to read it to her 20 times in a row. Also quite often when she wakes up she will say 'bing book' as it's the first thing she wants! I decided I was going to get her the others for Christmas but have decided I can't wait! so have just ordered them. Thanks for such an enjoyable read.

Tammy, York, UK

P.s Can your next book involve mummy please ;-)


29 August

We LOVE your Bing things; We laugh to the point of tears.

You are a genius.

Please keep writing.

Finlay (8), Elliott (2.5) and Jennifer (39 but looks 21) xxx




1 September

I’m absolutely in love with Bing and Flop.  My daughter Arden is only 10 months old, but I’m already doing everything I can to make sure these become some of her favorite books.  We read Bing every night.  It’s true what you say, not many books out there really tell it like it is for a toddler, but Bing gives them something to relate to and does an incredible job of making the ups and downs a little more manageable for all concerned.

Brilliant stories, brilliant illustrations, and brilliant production quality.  As a self-proclaimed cartoon and illustration junkie, as well as a new mom, Bing has been one of my best discoveries ever.  Thank you for brightening our days and nights!

Beth and Arden, Brooklyn, NY


3 September

Thank you so much for Bing and Flop. I ran across "Make Music" at our local library, and brought it home to my almost-two-year-old, Ella. When the music box got hit, I laughed so hard I cried. I laughed for days after that. Even now, when I think of the illustration, I can't help but giggle. That was a few months ago, and now we read Bing every day. I've never read a book that related so well to REAL toddler life. Ella was particularly affected by Bing being put in timeout for throwing the yucky tomato. She says, "Oh, Bing in timeout. Poor Bing, he be ok!"  Ella's 2nd birthday is coming up in October, and we have decided to buy her all the books (I'm sure the library would like to have their copies back). She informed me today that she wants to BE Bing, so I'm going to make her a costume for Halloween.  Bing and Flop are the only characters she has ever grown attached to (note that she is terrified of Elmo).  Also, we are very fond of "Baby Gets the Zapper." ZAP has become the one word she can "read" as a result. I just wanted to tell you that you are a major success at our home in Birmingham, Alabama (USA). Please continue the adventures of Bing and Flop. We look forward to it.

Jo, Alabama, USA


5 September

I don't normally write to authors, but I just wanted to say thank you for the bing books.  I am totally new to them and only discovered them today around my neighbors house.  I have a 9 month old daughter and her nickname is bing (real name Annabelle).  It was my husbands choice of nickname and it stuck, its a very cute name but, god knows what she will think of it in 15 years time - probably try and disown us. 

Anyway, I am going to buy as many bing books as possible for her, and really I just wanted to thank you for creating a book that happens to have the same name as her..... and is really great.



7 September

Hi Ted,

My husband and I love your books and our 18 month old is a huge fan. She's been able to recognize the spine of her Bing books since she was 15 months and at the bookstore she'd find the Bing books and loudly announce, "Bing!" Today I tried to order some Bing titles that we don't have (Bing Get Dressed, Bing Paints, and the Bing makes something for Daddy or something like that) but I found they are unavailable here (we live in Berkeley, California). Why???? Please write some more Bing books because they keep my husband sane when he has to read our daughter her bedtime stories!

Kim, Drake and Rowan (18 months)


16 September

Why aren't these books better known in the US? My sons absolutely love the Bing Books. You know exactly how to write a book that has the right rhythm and colors to engage even the youngest child. When my younger son was a newborn and ignored most books, he enjoyed Bing. Now that he is a year and a half, he spends hours flipping through them and laughs the whole time - which is the same effect these books had on my older son.

If I were to only buy one of the Bing series, Something for Daddy would be it. My kids get such a kick out of reading about "goo" and "sparkles".

Robin, New York


22 September

Dear Mr Dewan

I discovered Bing Bunny last year and absolutely adore him, as do my 4 children. We now have all the books (will there be anymore?)

I am planning to make dolls for the two youngest for Christmas.

Yay for Bing!





10 October

Our 17 month old daughter is an avid and recent fan of BING bunny. I was having a look at your download art page on the Bing website and noticed that you might need some help with the BING sees you game.

I am a designer/illustrator/website designer and think you should be able to create a simple (or complex) game using Adobe FLASH. I have the skills to assist you with this, should you like to.

Do let me know if you think you would like to create the BING game in FLASH and if you would like assistance with this.

Nicola, Auckland, New Zealand


14 October

I just wanted to say thankyou for such a fabulous book. We were given 'something for daddy' for our 13month old daughter - she absolutely loves it!

She giggles all the way through from start to finish and claps at the end!

I dont know what it is but you've got it!

We're off to order some more for Christmas! (mainly because we know it word for word!!)

Many Thanks

Laura UK




22 November

Love the two newest Bing books - not only as a parent of a 2 1/2 year old, but as a librarian. I am very acquainted with purchasing books for our children's department, and we can never keep them in!

My son, Liam requests that all the Bing books be read, every day and certainly every night before bed - and
he fervently asks for the 'new Bings'.

All I can say is, you can't write them fast enough! And you'll be the second to see it (Liam being the first), but my mother and I are embarking this holiday season on creating a Bing doll - I'll send photos.

Thanks again for such wonderful books!

Holly, Dearborn, Michigan, USA




5 December

Our niece, Misty, absolutely adores Bing. She has just moved from London to Kent and we thought she would feel more comfortable in her new bedroom with Bing 'guarding' the bedroom door!

The books are great, thank you.

Auntie Julie & Uncle Steve, Surrey, England


20 December

We LOVE Flop so much we had to bring him to life, We hope you make many more.   

From Shahid & flop, Australia


24 December

I hope this is another great year and wish you all our best. I think we have successfully addicted at least 4 more children to bing bunny this year...yes!!!! And actually we went to a Christmas party last night where the little girl(of 2) only refers to books as bing......success! heh, anyways, have a great new year and joyous holiday we look forward to more adventures with Bing!

Todd and family (Elizabeth, Sinclair and Ian.)