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25 January

Thank you for your wonderful characters and books...

The Prechts, Burbank, USA


28 January

We first started getting Bing books when my seven-year-old daughter picked them out at the library. She loves bunnies and gets all the bunny books she can find. One day I read one of the books to my year and a half old daughter. Now we never put them down. Today she even requested one by title "Yuk". She really enjoys them, and we enjoy reading them to her. They are lots of fun and the pictures are very entertaining. Thank you for creating such enjoyable characters, and such fun books.





18 February

We really enjoy Bing in our house. Ned, who is 1, loves tactile things and so he loves your mix of illustration and photography styles.

I am also looking forward to downloading Bing and Flop for a T-shirt for Ned and maybe even one for mummy.

Thanks for creating such a joyful little character.

Lou, Melbourne, Australia




2 March

We are always happy to be on your mailing lists.  Byron is now 4 and at school full-time but he still loves Bing. 

We mentioned to you before about us using 'good for you Bing bunny' as a saying to our children - we still do that and it still brings a smile even to our 8 year olds face.

Keep up the good work



3 March

I just wanted to let you know how much my seventeen month old son Jude loves your books.

He brings them to me OVER and OVER again to read. The sheer delight and concentration in his face is priceless.



6 March

My 2 1/2 year old daughter, Lulu, and I are huge fans of your Bing Bunny series. Not sure which of us likes them more.

In fact, after reading Bed Time, Yuk and Get Dressed last night she fell asleep cuddling with a book rather than a stuffed animal. There it remained until this morning when I found her sleeping on top of it.

I was initially drawn to them(no pun intended) by the fantastic illustrations.  And then found I greatly appreciated the tone and message of all the stories.

And as you state on your website.  They are read over and over and over.  

So, thank you. They bring a great deal of joy into my house.

I thank you for your time and consideration but most importantly for creating Bing Bunny.





8 April

Luca is now 31 months and still loving Bing.  We give copies as gifts all the time.  Something for Daddy and Bing Yuk are the all time favorites around here - Luca loves to read them himself and he knows all the words by heart.  Did you say new books?!?  Can't wait...  Please do add us to your e-mail list for updates and news.

Shelby C


10 April

Our two year old son Nathaniel loves Bing Bunny and Flop. We own them all and love them all. Any chance there might be a new book coming out anytime soon?

All the best and thank you for a great series of fantastic books.





6 May

I have three children, the youngest 2 and the oldest 6.   I bought a few Bing books four years ago and I have been reading those eight books without a break.  It is quite a testament to the endearing qualities of Bing that I haven’t thrown them all out!  In fact, my youngest is standing by me right now howling “Read Bing books!  Read Bing books!” (she lugs them everywhere we go in an old black backpack).  Next week I have to figure out a way to make a Bing cake for her 2nd birthday.

I hope Amazon starts selling your whole line again.  I have often given them as 1st birthday or baby gifts.  It had become my old standby and I can’t tell you my irritation when I tried to order them two months ago and found out that they weren’t all available.  I actually had to leave the house and shop for a gift.

We hope you bring out a new Bing book soon!Best regards from a Bing-loving American family,


Scottsdale, AZ


13 May

My two year old daughter, Lorelei, has asked me to forward this message to you:

"Why are there so many Bings? I love you. Goodbye. I love you."

She's asking about the column of small pictures of Bing on the binding of all the Bing books.

We enjoy the Bings books immensely... even though Lorelei, under the powerful influence of Bing, will no longer eat tomatoes. :-)

Warm wishes ~ Harmony




17 July

My sister, who lives in Chicago, brought some books to us last November.  My son loved them, so we ordered all the books.  We even ordered books for our friends for Christmas last year.  Since then Bing has been making the rounds.  Many people have had to purchase books via the “underground”, used books on e-bay and such.  It would be wonderful to have them stocked at our local book store.  In fact, I ordered the books I gave away at Christmas through them. 

Which gave me an idea. We live in a boutique shopping town with  MANY cute kids shops.  I am planning to do a trunk show with bento boxes  at one of the shops in September. Perhaps I could talk to the book store about hosting your books or simply do it myself.  Just a thought!





5 September

Our family came across a Bing book by chance.  We found a copy of Bing, Go Picnic at local Drugstore.  We Love the part about too much dog poo in the Square. The illustration of the Dachshund reminds us of our own dog Buckley.

Take Care, Jade and Olivia, BC Canada


15 September

I thought that Bing was our very own special Bing thing until I found your website. We read Bing Bedtime and Bing Get Dressed daily and Claudia, my youngest, often insists on taking the books to bed instead of her teddy. We can recite the books backwards, forwards and from any particular page randomly opened on. I will have to complete the set now for her 2nd birthday.

Thank you from Isabel (6) and Claudia (21 months).




9 October

Your books are awesome.  My 3 yr old boy and 21 mo. old girl are OBSESSED with Bing Bunny.  My daughter actually likes to hold the bedtime book as she falls asleep!  Thank you for writing such good books.

Amy, Iowa


19 October

My 2 year old daughter loves Bing and Flop and none of us get tired of reading our only Bing book (Paint Day) – hopefully we will have more soon.   I would love to buy her a Bing soft toy.  Please convince a manufacturer to make one!  In the meantime, we have down loaded your images and will print them on a t-shirt.  Thank you for being generous with your art work.

Karen Reynolds, Australia


27 October

My daughter and I are huge Bing and Flop fans!!! We too own a Bing Bunny Bedtime book totally tattered!!! Now that Christmas is coming around the corner I was trying to locate a Bing and Flop doll but have had no luck. I saw your website and saw the other homemade versions and I was wondering if you had any contacts for people who would make a Bing or Flop doll for my little girl. I would appreciate any information you could provide to me, can't wait for any news!!! Michelle




19 November

I must say that I just found your website and had to email you. My son is 21 months old and just loves Bing and Flop – we have hired some of the books from the library and will be purchasing them for our own bookshelves!!!

My son is now showing interest in his potty – cos it’s a “Bing Thing” and he has his very own Flop called George so relates very well to Bing when he can’t find him or needs him etc.

Hope to see more and would love merchandise.

Happy writing, Helen, Aberdeen




15 December

Just a little note to say I think Bing Bunny is fantastic!
My 2 year old Son was given Bing's Bedtime and he soon started to recite it himself. He loves it so much, he has now got all 8 Bing books and loves every one of them.

No other book has caught his attention like these have. Well done for writing such incredible and attractive stories.

Best wishes, Tammi (& Thomas)


17 December

Bing is awesome. I hope there are many more books to come...I attached an early version of the 'game' I'm making... It's not the way I want it yet with the way the eyes behave (I'm going to make him Blink randomly) and there is more work until I'd consider it "fun" to play with..

I need to draw in his body and I want to add in some fun animations and maybe some sounds to give it some more life. I will skip the dress up idea then, now that it's already done!

I'll let you know when I get something more polished completed.

happy holidays! Ryan