Soon after I put www.bingbunny.com on the web in 2003, it took me by surprise that I started getting emails about Bing, sometimes several in one week. Emails started piling up from parents, carers, grandparents, even teenage Bing fans. I kept forwarding them to my publisher, as I'd never had even a fraction of this kind of feedback online before, especially from parents. Eventually, my publisher cried for mercy and asked me to stop, although they were willing for me to send a printed monthly digest of the comments. So I decided to put them on this site instead.

At the bottom of this page are excerpts of my favourite Bingmails. There are hundreds more in each year's archives in the sections immediately below:

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I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how brilliant these little books are and how much my 15-month-old daughter LOVES them! I am truly astounded at the quality of these little books.

Lukka (USA)

A massive THANK YOU, these books are great. My 19-month-old daughter absolutely LOVES them. We cannot wait for the next ones.

Lindsey & Libby (UK)

After having a library copy of Bing for six weeks, Vincent wouldn’t let me take him back.

We LOVE him, LOVE him.

Audrey (UK)

No book has had the effect that Bing Bunny has had on our 2-year-old. We all absolutely LOVE them!!!!!

Dean (AUS)

Our 2-year-old Ella LOVES them more than any other books. Bing was her first word. Paul (UK)My daughter Olivia is four and high functioning autistic. After a year of signing, she’s learning to read. Thank you so much for Bing!!!!!!

We LOVE Bing!

Beth, Meg, & Ollie (UK)

At first I assumed that Bing was written for Dads with a psychedelic history to chortle over with their offspring. But non-chemical mum LOVES Bing, too.

Dave (UK)

My daughter LOVES…so LOVES, Bing Bunny. Thank you for such a perfect toddler character.

Valerie (USA)

My boyfriend LOVES your Bing books and has elevated them to cult status among a certain circle of adults.

Sarah (UK)

Kate LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Bing and recites them by heart with great gusto.

Patricia (UK)

A BIG thank you for creating Bing Bunny! My 21-month-old Archie has fallen in LOVE with him.

Victoria (USA)

Dear Bing Bunny's Dad,

We "met" Bing Bunny probably about 2 years ago at our local library in Sydney. It was Paint Day, and it was an instant hit with my 18 months old son (and his parents).

It was a drama when we had to give the book back to the library, but Bing Bunny stayed with us for a couple of more weeks, as we borrowed all the titles that were available there.

Then we left Sydney to move to Hong Kong, and then to the Philippines, and it was the end of Bing Bunny for us.

Our little daughter was born a couple of months ago, and when it was time to think about presents for her birthday, I knew exactly what she needed: the collection of Bing Bunny books. Though she's too young now to enjoy them, I am pretty sure she'll have a good time with Bing Bunny.

I had a look at a couple of bookstores here, but it looks like Bing Bunny hasn't reached Manila yet. My only solution: ordering them on amazon UK, to have them shipped to my office in France. One of my French colleagues would then bring them to my office in Hong Kong, where I would pick them up during one of my trips there. And it worked !!! It was a long long trip for Bing Bunny, but the books arrived safely at home.

And we couldn't wait for Camille's first birthday before opening them. It was just too tempting. I first read one to my now almost 4 year old little boy, thinking that it wouldn't be that interested into it. Mistake, big mistake. Not only did he love it, but he asked  for more and more and more. We're reading Bing Bunny books every day, again and again, just like the old good days in Sydney. He's been going to school for the first time a couple of days ago (summer school), and asked me this morning "can we get "Bing Bunny goes to school" book?"...

Thanks a lot and congratulations for creating such lovely (and lively) characters and enjoyable stories. And we hope, really hope, that new titles will be available soon (perhaps a "Bing Bunny goes to school"?)

Cheers, Murielle, Tony, Antoine & Camille

PS: Even our 8 year old neighbour has become a Bing Bunny fan!!!